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How to Publicise Your Business Online

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Traditionally businesses used blanketed forms of media advertising such as through the newspaper, TV or radio and whilst still very effective they lack personal quality and are often far to expensive for many businesses to consider.  Fortunately we are in the age of information and the internet offers a wonderful opportunity whereby you can market your business online through free do it yourself strategies, which is why having an internet business can be such a powerful tool when it comes to getting your message across to a large audience.

Many people create websites and make the mistake of thinking that simply by having an online presence and getting it hosted by a service provider that it is enough to get their site noticed, unfortunately however as with traditional advertising it is a highly competitive environment with some 100,000 new websites being created a day, so in order to get an impact on the net you have to be really creative in order to generate high quality traffic to your site. The following article looks at some of the opportunities available to you  that will help to promote your site in order to give you direct access to your target market
Newsletter: If you have been thinking about how to advertise your business to a diverse audience, by simply publishing an ‘opt in’ newsletter once a month via email, that contains insightful and interesting news is a great way to build relations and generate sales.  By getting a potential customer to sign up for a newsletter you can continue to market to them over and over again, using it as a powerful tool for engaging your customers, saying what you want, when you want.
Classifieds: Craig List, Trade Me, Gum Tree and Trading post are all additional online classifieds that can be used to advertise your products and services.
Social media: My Space, Bebo and Face Book are excellent network marketing avenues that can be used to help promote your business. A social profile provides an opportunity for businesses to extend communication and network, building a community of people who are interested in the products and services their business has to offer.
Blogs: Think of these as online journals, a one-stop information blog which you can create in order to engage connections, create visibility and generate advertising revenue. A blog is a great tool for building strong relationships with your target market as well as being a low cost means of PR that can be used to establish your expertise and online positioning.
Content: Creating fresh new informative content, will encourage your potential customers to stay on your site longer and buy into your brand. The other added benefit is that Google rewards sites with lots of content that is updated regularly with in bound links, which helps to get your web pages ranked higher driving more organic traffic to your site.
Keyword searches: Run keywords through the body of your article and include them in the title that you are writing about, this helps to make your site more attractive and accessible to search engines.

The most important aspect of Internet marketing is integration, because there is nothing more frustrating for a customer then having to hunt around for contact details. Make sure everything is linked in, from your domain name to your blog and your website and if you are on eBay clearly display your contact details, Skype address, PayPal details and domain name ensuring everything is clearly linked back to your web address.

Creating an eBay Niche Market

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Creating an eBay Niche Market


Today there are many ways to create income from the Internet. eBay marketplace is one of the most popular ways. It takes time and expertise to create an online store and to sell a niche product. Learning how to market your eBay store and creating traffic to your store is vital.


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The first step is to determine the demographics of your ideal customer. Focusing on a target market from a reduced set of demographics is important. I will explain to you the best way to achieve this desired result.


You’re Niche Market


Determining your market is important because each demographic is active online in different ways and in different places. If you want to attract an older crowd then working with advertisements on MySpace might not be the best use of limited advertising funds. But for a college age demographic, it might be the ideal way to target your audience.


By connecting with a specific group of people you have a better chance of becoming popular and selling your products than if you targeted a large population.


Making the Market Selection


With all things, the first time is the hardest. But once you discover your first niche market for a product, the next marketing campaign you run will be much easier. Consider the buyer and what the product will do for the buyer. Marketing to the desired result is often the best form of advertising.


• Does your product gratify a need that must be met?


• Does it present entertainment?


• Does it solve a problem resourcefully?


Try to develop a product or a service that meets one of these needs and desires. Once you have selected a niche product then determine the number of individuals that are most likely to purchase your niche product.


The next step is to find similar products on eBay that are about to sell or have sold recently. Did the auction have a lot of interest? Do the winning bids look profitable from the product research you have already done? Is the product seasonal or can you sell it year round?


If the products are selling well and you have a product that is slightly different, you have found a good niche. Or if there’s room to offer a lower price than you can be the low price provider and have great success. If many of the auctions do not complete with a winning bid, then you need to find a different niche or improve upon the current auctions to attract more interest.


Becoming a Power Seller


Many niches have already been explored on eBay, so finding a new niche is hard to do. Your best bet is to find a niche with room for improvement and growth and become one of the best suppliers in that niche. The product research you have done ahead of time and the marketing research you have just completed with save you time and money finding the perfect niches to exploit. Build one at a time and improve your seller rating until you become of one the most trusted power sellers in each niche that you select.