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Writing Great Auction Descriptions

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Writing Great Auction Descriptions

Creating a listing on eBay is only the first step of selling products. If you want a good number of people to bid on your auction, they must be comfortable with the item description and understand the product or service you are offering. A great item description is essential. Be honest and appealing so buyers will compete for what you have to sell.

Title Basics

Important description pieces include the title and the body to start. Both should be cohesive so the bidders understand the item you have up for auction. They should have a good picture in their minds of the item before reaching the photos you have provided.

Beginning with the title, writing visual and specific is the best way to create the title. What draws your attention when you look at eBay auctions? Use some of those same phrases and ideals.

For instance, “Red dining room dinette.” Doesn’t tell the bidder much about the item you have for sale. But adding details with “Authentic 1956”, “Oak”, and “Farmhouse” gives a more visual description. Adding the condition to the title can also be helpful.

Test Good Descriptions

Detail the features of your item using attention-grabbing phrases in your description. Make sure to cover every detail that someone buying the item would like to know. Answer every question before it is asked.

If you’re selling a printer on eBay, you should include the manufacturer, the make, does it print in color, how many prints can it produce in a minute, the age, does it have a USB connection, how about a scanner, and can it make copies? All these details will want to be known by the person purchasing the printer.

The more information you give in the description, the better. Your desire is to have every bidder fully consider your product before returning to the search results. Take time with your description and test a number of different descriptions when you are selling the same item multiple times. One description may produce better results than all the others.



Creating an eBay Niche Market

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Creating an eBay Niche Market


Today there are many ways to create income from the Internet. eBay marketplace is one of the most popular ways. It takes time and expertise to create an online store and to sell a niche product. Learning how to market your eBay store and creating traffic to your store is vital.


English: A Safeway.com delivery truck (operate...

English: A Safeway.com delivery truck (operated by Safeway Inc.) seen in Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first step is to determine the demographics of your ideal customer. Focusing on a target market from a reduced set of demographics is important. I will explain to you the best way to achieve this desired result.


You’re Niche Market


Determining your market is important because each demographic is active online in different ways and in different places. If you want to attract an older crowd then working with advertisements on MySpace might not be the best use of limited advertising funds. But for a college age demographic, it might be the ideal way to target your audience.


By connecting with a specific group of people you have a better chance of becoming popular and selling your products than if you targeted a large population.


Making the Market Selection


With all things, the first time is the hardest. But once you discover your first niche market for a product, the next marketing campaign you run will be much easier. Consider the buyer and what the product will do for the buyer. Marketing to the desired result is often the best form of advertising.


• Does your product gratify a need that must be met?


• Does it present entertainment?


• Does it solve a problem resourcefully?


Try to develop a product or a service that meets one of these needs and desires. Once you have selected a niche product then determine the number of individuals that are most likely to purchase your niche product.


The next step is to find similar products on eBay that are about to sell or have sold recently. Did the auction have a lot of interest? Do the winning bids look profitable from the product research you have already done? Is the product seasonal or can you sell it year round?


If the products are selling well and you have a product that is slightly different, you have found a good niche. Or if there’s room to offer a lower price than you can be the low price provider and have great success. If many of the auctions do not complete with a winning bid, then you need to find a different niche or improve upon the current auctions to attract more interest.


Becoming a Power Seller


Many niches have already been explored on eBay, so finding a new niche is hard to do. Your best bet is to find a niche with room for improvement and growth and become one of the best suppliers in that niche. The product research you have done ahead of time and the marketing research you have just completed with save you time and money finding the perfect niches to exploit. Build one at a time and improve your seller rating until you become of one the most trusted power sellers in each niche that you select.


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Stephanie Tilenius – Senior Vice President & General Manager, eBay Marketplaces (Photo credit: ebayink)

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Many people think that they have to have a garage full of products in order to sell on EBay. That is a misconception. If you can become a power seller there are tons of business models that will hire you to sell their stuff. Essentially you can become the captain of a ship that makes a lucrative income off of other people’s stuff. No products to store in your home, no shipping responsibilities and best of all – pure profit to you. The inside information is easy to come by and you can choose a free guide like EBay VIP’s Sellers Lounge or the free trail of the eAuction Expert that will show you the ropes. There are many people earning thousands of dollars a month through EBay. With all the online scams there are; it is time to go with a name you trust and begin using the exposure of EBay to make your financial dreams come true.