SaleSpider Review

SaleSpider helps lead your business to success, by combining their database with their partners database for a comprehensive database of leads to grow your sales and marketing efforts. Continue to read our SaleSpider Review.

They offer their clients the most comprehensive and accurate B2B contact data in the industry, including over 80 million companies and 300 million executives. Their company does not “scrape” or mine internet data, but rather they collect all of their data from Opt-In sources, who raise their hand to share their information.

SalesSpider Review
SaleSpider Review

They help businesses and marketers identify the best prospects in their target markets, even if they don’t know who they are yet. By working through their Lead Generation platform, clients get access to the most important decision makers on their prospects without paying for data licenses.

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Their industry leading technology targets your ideal audience, at the right time with the perfect message to fill your sales and marketing pipelines. Their large team of marketing experts utilizes a proprietary data science platform to build laser focused campaigns on top of our network of over 5,000 sites, reaching 100 million targeted individuals monthly.

The SaleSpider Healthcare Practitioner Network offers partners access to 1.3 Million Medical Professionals, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that have opted-in to receive medical product information via email.

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SaleSpider creates and delivers hyper-targeted digital ads to healthcare professionals while they are working in their offices, at their clinics, or researching products and services. The result: achieve metrics & script lift 10 times higher than industry benchmarks.

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