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Mobile Affiliate Profits Review

If you’re looking to start a new mobile affiliate marketing business, then “Mobile Affiliate Profits” is what you need. It’s a detailed e-course that guides both new and experienced marketers through the new mobile marketing world.

Who made it?

The first question you may ask about an info-product is “who made it?”. In fact, once you know who is behind the product, you would figure out what it really is. “Mobile Affiliate Profits” is owned by “OfferMobi”. It’s the largest Mobile CPA Network till now. It provides thousands of valuable CPA offers dedicated only for Mobile web. The two co-founders “Mark Roth and Howie Schwartz have launched this product to provide marketers with the right techniques to promote Mobile affiliate offers effectively.

What you will learn!

Mobile Affiliate Profits tackles the essential points to manage a mobile marketing campaign the right way. In fact, it explains the basics of mobile affiliate marketing from A to Z. This starts with choosing the right offer and setting it up. Then, it comes to running the campaign and driving interested prospects. And after that comes the optimization phase, where the marketer is supposed to analyze the campaign data, calculate the ROI (return on investment) and optimize the conversion rate.

All these basic points are explained in details in the products, but this is not all; Mobile Affiliate Profits contains some advanced CPA tactics and Pay per Call offers too.

Is it worth a shot?

Since it’s brought by the largest mobile affiliate network in the world, the product seems promising, but we are not sure about it. To learn more, one can read one Mobile Affiliate Profits review. These will help evaluate the product neutrally, and if it carries any defects, we will be warned about them. After all, this is what products reviews are useful for!

eBay Product Shipping

USPS Shipping

eBay Product Shipping

After you have picked your niche, set the price, listed the items, and sold an item there’s only one thing left to do, ship the product to its new owner. The shipping costs and method needs to be determined prior to listing an item on eBay for best results. Not selecting a method or forgetting to ask for shipping and handling costs can kill your profit.

In addition to shipping the item it is a good ideal to package the item well and insure it so that the customer is happy with the condition of the product when it arrives at their location.

Considerations for Shipping

Selecting a shipping method involves some considerations. The weight of the product is important. If the product weights less than 25 lbs, the US Postal Service or UPS can be used for simple delivery. Both offer many features that will help you deliver a great product in good condition.

When you are shipping multiple items, it makes sense to purchase shipping materials in bulk and only make one trip to the postal office.

Calculating the shipping costs can also be tricky. A fixed price is often used and is the simplest method. The other option is calculating the costs using a rate calculator provided by eBay. The calculator will be available to the bidders so they can compute the costs prior to bidding. Free shipping can be an enticing offer that might create additional interest in your items.

The Best Method

eBay makes suggestions for shipping to it’s members but you can decide on any method you desire. The most popular methods are UPS, UPSP, FedEx or DHL. Bulky or odd shape items are best delivered by FedEx Ground.

Packaging supplies and your time to ship the items should be considered in the handling fee. Using bubble wrap and packing peanuts is a good ideal but can increase the costs slightly. For starters, letting UPS package your item at one of their stores can help in ensuring it arrives safely. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to shipping and paying for shipping.

How much can one eBay Seller Make?

Wholesale Directory

How much can one eBay Seller Make?

If you are looking for some additional income, becoming a seller on eBay is a good plan. The number of successful eBay sellers continues to grow and there is no reason you cannot join them. How much money can you expect to make? Results vary of course, depending on the products you sell and how hard you work at your business.

Picking a Product to Sell

First this to check when looking at selling a product on eBay is their restricted item list. Avoid all items on this Seller Resource. Once you have found an allowed product to sell, determining your price is the next step. The best way to get a feel for what items are selling for is to watch eBay auctions as they close. If the auctions have a lot of bidders and the selling prices provide for a good profit margin, you’ve found a great item to start with.

A good tip to increase your appeal to buyers and still maintain your profit margin is to reduce the price of the item while increasing the shipping and handling fee. This will make it more appealing at first before the buyer considers the costs they incur to have it delivered. Listing fees must also be considered when calculating the profit of an auction.

If an item doesn’t sell well in the auction format possibly switching to a fixed price selling format will work better. Try them both and see which way produces the best results.

Draw People to Your Product

Photographs are a great way to increase the buyer’s interest in a product. Providing a number of photos will make the buyers feel more comfortable in purchasing a product that they cannot see in person. Try to get different angles for your photos and make sure the lighting is adequate.

The product description is also vital. Use good adjectives in your descriptions and create scarcity for the product. The limited time left for the auction along with a limited supply will motivate buying.

Use the entire catalog of services available to sellers on eBay to maximize the amount of money you can make. The sky is the limit for you as long as you find the right product, construct quality auctions and are committed.

Creating an eBay Niche Market

Whole Sale Designer Handbags


Creating an eBay Niche Market


Today there are many ways to create income from the Internet. eBay marketplace is one of the most popular ways. It takes time and expertise to create an online store and to sell a niche product. Learning how to market your eBay store and creating traffic to your store is vital.


English: A Safeway.com delivery truck (operate...

English: A Safeway.com delivery truck (operated by Safeway Inc.) seen in Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first step is to determine the demographics of your ideal customer. Focusing on a target market from a reduced set of demographics is important. I will explain to you the best way to achieve this desired result.


You’re Niche Market


Determining your market is important because each demographic is active online in different ways and in different places. If you want to attract an older crowd then working with advertisements on MySpace might not be the best use of limited advertising funds. But for a college age demographic, it might be the ideal way to target your audience.


By connecting with a specific group of people you have a better chance of becoming popular and selling your products than if you targeted a large population.


Making the Market Selection


With all things, the first time is the hardest. But once you discover your first niche market for a product, the next marketing campaign you run will be much easier. Consider the buyer and what the product will do for the buyer. Marketing to the desired result is often the best form of advertising.


• Does your product gratify a need that must be met?


• Does it present entertainment?


• Does it solve a problem resourcefully?


Try to develop a product or a service that meets one of these needs and desires. Once you have selected a niche product then determine the number of individuals that are most likely to purchase your niche product.


The next step is to find similar products on eBay that are about to sell or have sold recently. Did the auction have a lot of interest? Do the winning bids look profitable from the product research you have already done? Is the product seasonal or can you sell it year round?


If the products are selling well and you have a product that is slightly different, you have found a good niche. Or if there’s room to offer a lower price than you can be the low price provider and have great success. If many of the auctions do not complete with a winning bid, then you need to find a different niche or improve upon the current auctions to attract more interest.


Becoming a Power Seller


Many niches have already been explored on eBay, so finding a new niche is hard to do. Your best bet is to find a niche with room for improvement and growth and become one of the best suppliers in that niche. The product research you have done ahead of time and the marketing research you have just completed with save you time and money finding the perfect niches to exploit. Build one at a time and improve your seller rating until you become of one the most trusted power sellers in each niche that you select.