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While the old system of business evaluations of employees worked in the last century, this new 20th century needs a new system that can keep pace with the hectic rush of business and technology that we are experiencing – and the 360 survey is it. The 360 employee survey is an approach to employee evaluation from every angle – from the angle of their managers, supervisors, or employers; from the angle of self evaluation and reflection; and from the angle of everyone they come in contact with during their day to day work (co-workers, clients, assistants, etc). A 360 employee evaluation allows for open communication and also raises the amount and the quality of feedback, which in turn allows the employee to improve their work and attitude easier. And that is the key to the 360 employee survey – ease of creation, ease of providing and assessing feedback, and the ability of employers to more easily see problem areas and thriving areas in their business.

The 360 degree survey is created using Qualtrics’ new 360 software. It is extremely easy to use and can help you create a survey in minutes. It is a very flexible design, allowing you to choose the number of questions asked, what the questions are, how the questions can be answered, and so forth. It also makes collecting and analyzing responses and feedback much easier – you can see all the responses right on your computer screen, and they are organized for easy evaluation. The 360 degree approach used by this software allows for the maximum amount of feedback to be given, and can present it in helpful ways.

Using the 360 employee survey to evaluate your employees and your workspace is easy, quick, and will help you better your office. Because you have the freedom to control the content and layout or each survey, you can optimize the information you want. The surveys are easily made, get great employee feedback, and provide the feedback that can lead to a more efficient office.

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