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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Though many people’s initial solution to getting ahead in their career is to work longer, harder hours, advancing you career does not necessarily mean having to suck up to your boss or putting in over 60 hours of work a week. Instead of working longer and harder, you can work smarter to maximize the efficiency and quality of your work without having to spend any extra time doing so. A few simple mental tricks can help you manage your time more efficiently and get a higher quality of work done in a shorter amount of time. Keeping a progress bar for your key projects will help you recognize the progress being made in your work and break a seemingly arduous task into more feasible, smaller steps. Similarly, a job that is comprised of thousands of small tasks you can chunk together and try to accomplish these groups of tasks in intervals. If you come across a roadblock, don’t dwell on it and let it affect your productivity. Keeping a positive and ambitious attitude is vital to maximizing the efficiency of your work.

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Bucking Employment Trends With SaleSpider

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The employment trends since 2008 have not been good. The unemployment rate has dropped a little after reaching more than nine percent at the height of the recession. However, things are still terribly trying in the job market.

Trying to get back into the job market is not as simple as it once was. In the past, if you had been laid off from a good job, you might take a part-time job until you found another one in the field of your specialty. Eventually, you went and got another job in your line of work.

Those days may be over for many people. Your job may have been outsourced and is never coming back. In other words, they just do not do that here anymore. So you may be forced to choose a new line of work.

That will require retraining and possibly another stint in school. If you decide to go back to school, you will need to figure out what to study. You should not make this decision carelessly. The last thing that you need during a recession is more debt for a degree that you will not be able to use.

If you are able to look for work in your area of specialty, then you may need more help than you ever needed before. Waiting for something to show up in the want ads or come knocking at your door will not get you a new job fast these days. Instead, you may need to contact businesses directly.

Whether you are looking to get educated for a new line of work or you are planning on returning to something familiar, SaleSpider.com can help. This website is the largest business social network in North America. If you want to get an idea of what jobs are hiring, you can check out their opportunities page. This could help you find a job. It may also tell you what you will need to study in order to get one of those jobs in the future.

The best thing about a site like SaleSpider.com is that you can continue to use it after you find work. This is not just a place to find a job but also a place that can help you excel in your work. Besides listing opportunities, the website lists the names of businesses and their owners. Sale Spider advertises leads, contracts and much more.

The New 360 Employee Survey

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While the old system of business evaluations of employees worked in the last century, this new 20th century needs a new system that can keep pace with the hectic rush of business and technology that we are experiencing – and the 360 survey is it. The 360 employee survey is an approach to employee evaluation from every angle – from the angle of their managers, supervisors, or employers; from the angle of self evaluation and reflection; and from the angle of everyone they come in contact with during their day to day work (co-workers, clients, assistants, etc). A 360 employee evaluation allows for open communication and also raises the amount and the quality of feedback, which in turn allows the employee to improve their work and attitude easier. And that is the key to the 360 employee survey – ease of creation, ease of providing and assessing feedback, and the ability of employers to more easily see problem areas and thriving areas in their business.

The 360 degree survey is created using Qualtrics’ new 360 software. It is extremely easy to use and can help you create a survey in minutes. It is a very flexible design, allowing you to choose the number of questions asked, what the questions are, how the questions can be answered, and so forth. It also makes collecting and analyzing responses and feedback much easier – you can see all the responses right on your computer screen, and they are organized for easy evaluation. The 360 degree approach used by this software allows for the maximum amount of feedback to be given, and can present it in helpful ways.

Using the 360 employee survey to evaluate your employees and your workspace is easy, quick, and will help you better your office. Because you have the freedom to control the content and layout or each survey, you can optimize the information you want. The surveys are easily made, get great employee feedback, and provide the feedback that can lead to a more efficient office.

3 Performance Appraisal Methods That Work

There are three principal performance appraisal methods that work well and are easy to use. In this post, I’ll show you what these are and the pros and cons of each of the different methods.

The first approach to use is applying a rating scale during the appraisals. Many companies choose to use this by establishing a grading system for evaluating employees based on communication skills, technical ability, leadership, motivation, etc. There are also many standardized grading systems that can also be applied or modified read this approach gives you a very egalitarian way of assessing all of your employees. Anybody who is not quite up to mark can be put on a productivity improvement plan to start raising their grades (in much the same way as schoolchildren are).

The second approach involves using 360° feedback from peers, colleagues, direct reports and supervisors of the actual worker. This is however very time-consuming task as it requires a HR representative or manager to interview all of these different people. The worker is assessed based on a couple of different areas including technical skills, performance, timeliness, etc. Of all the performance appraisal methods, this approach does help reduce the chances of bad reviews from individual employees a second persons promotion potential.

The final approach is management by objectives. This is one of the more common performance appraisal methods used in modern businesses and focuses on setting goals for individuals to be achieved within a set time period. Critically, these goals should be achievable and collaboratively set between the manager and the worker themselves. This gives the employee more ownership of their work and allows the manager to more accurately see if the actual objectives have been achieved by the set deadline. This approach works quite effectively with managers of salespeople and individuals where productivity improvement may be essential in order to gain promotions.

New Career Ideas For Working At Home

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Do you need a job where you can work from home a lot more? There are plenty of new career ideas in services and web-based opportunities which allow you the flexibility to stay at home and work the hours that you choose.

Some of the more traditional types of careers you could pursue do require some training however. Working as a child-care assistant or driving instructor can be enjoyable roles especially if you enjoy working with people. If you’re more into fitness then perhaps becoming a personal trainer or yoga teacher suit you more. You do however require a certain amount of training in order to even start in these roles.

If you have a certain amount of creativity then some of the most profitable business ideas relates to party planning, party selling and specialist catering. These offer you a great amount of flexibility about the hours that you actually have to work. Even working as a freelance interior designer something with creative flair and the opportunity to work were a variety of different kinds.

If you prefer to seek out online roles then there certainly a lot of new career ideas to pursue. If you have the technical skills and are interested in sales and you could work as an affiliate marketer or start selling the goods (maybe even your own e-books). Anyone with development skills could also start working in website design perhaps in desktop publishing.

If you don’t feel you have the right software technical skills then some of the new career ideas to consider would revolve around online services. Some good examples include proofreading and editing for book publishers, starting translation work if you have the language skills, market research (one of the most profitable business areas if you have experience in a specific industry) and even working as a virtual personal assistant.

An Essential Customer Service Skills List For Customer Facing Employees

Working through a customer service skills list is often advisable when doing annual reviews, evaluating staff performance and also interviewing candidates for customer facing roles. In essence, this list consists of six key traits, techniques and characteristics that all employees should have adequate training in.

  • Professionalism: Employees who communicate with customers in a professional, courteous and businesslike manner project a better perception of your company. This improves customer retention and increases sales in the long-term. Supervisors should foster this level of professionalism through effective reviews and peer reviews of all customer facing employees.
  • Time management: You should instigate goals and deadlines for all employees and their dealings with staff. Being goal oriented make people more self-motivated and work towards various tasks, goals and deadlines. Supervisors need to scheduled work appropriately in order for this to work correctly.
  • Better problem solving: Customer interactions usually involve dealing with problems, complaints and issues. In order to make interaction as effective as possible, these problems need to resolve rapidly by your staff need to do this they need to understand the tools, systems and staff that can help in this process (through ongoing training and establishing work procedures).
  • Service/product knowledge: The simple fact is that employees to understand your product/service offering are better able to deal with customer complaints and issues. This requires ongoing training of your entire workforce.
  • Communications: It is fundamental to all customer interactions are done using positive language and that your employees are actively listening to their customers (i.e. in verbal communications). Advanced communication training can aid your employees to excel in this area. This is the most important trait in this customer service skills list.
  • Confidence: Employees are more confident in their work will project a better sense of trust with your customers. This conference can be established over time once your staff are gaining enough experience and education on-the-job.