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Quick Guide To Selling Your IPhone On EBay

Selling Your IPhone On EBay

The iPhone 5C is currently available in many Apple retail stores and wireless carrier stores; though traders can also sell it online through eBay. People can be ready to pay more for the same gadget as long as they are assured to get value for their money, and this is why it’s always worth to make the effort to sell your iPhone 5C through eBay than wireless outlets. eBay selling enables you to get to the largest number of sellers.

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When selling on eBay, the first thing you need to do is to scan through the site so that you are able to see the iPhone 5C listings that have been put up by other sellers. By doing so, you can manage to gauge the pricing so that you list your phone at the right cost, and subsequently attract more buyers. Also, when putting up your listing, it’s good to include as many photos as possible to give your buyers a clear image of what you have to sell. Basically, the more buyers are able to see, the more they will be ready to buy.

Shopping frenzy in San Jose, CA as the new App...
Shopping frenzy in San Jose, CA as the new Apple iPhone goes on sale. This is the store nearest to Apple HQ, on Stevens Creek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just like other sellers, iPhone 5C sellers have access to free accounts that they can take advantage of in eBay selling. However, there are some additional features that may cost extra to incorporate, so you should look into these before you add your item. Through eBay selling, you can also indicate a ‘Buy It Now’ price so that you give potential buyers a chance to purchase instantly if they do not want to wait though the auctioning process.

eBay Training Event for Chicago Area Sellers

Wholesale Directory

eBay Training Event for Chicago Area Sellers

Any and all eBay sellers in the Chicago area should consider a two day training event happening in their hometown this July on the 9th and 10th. Even if you are not from the Chicago area, visiting Chicago in the summer time is a fairly nice trip with the temperature mild in comparison to a place like Dallas Texas, the last eBay on Location event city.

eBay is hosting this event to help part-timers and small business owners increase their eBay business sales and profits. Networking is one of the main attractions as eBay employees, eBay experts, and other sellers in your exact situation will be there sharing what they have learned with one another.

Friday hosts a welcome reception with Saturday July 10th being the main eBay training sessions. Some of the topics include making your customers thrilled with your eBay store and auctions, secrets of selling on eBay, auction vs. fixed priced eBay selling, and utilizing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to improve your auction sales. These are only a few of the topics to be covered during this full day of training.Small and large classrooms are a part of the event with several live demonstrations. Some of the national instructors include Mike Michalowicz of Obsidian Launch and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Rieva Lesonsky of GrowBiz Media and John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.

There is limited space according to an eBay announcement that was posted mid-way through May on eBay’s website. The price is something you cannot beat at $35.00 for early registrations. The price will increase to $45.00 June 3rd as the event date approaches. Take a look at eBayOnLocationEvents.com for more information about this eBay event, registration, and a similar eBay event being hosted in San Jose in September. You’ve already missed Atlanta and Dallas, don’t miss Chicago and San Jose.