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Tips on How to Make an Extra $500 per Month

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If you are like most North Americans, you find yourself at the end of the month with very little money left over. Rising prices, less jobs, and corporate downsizing have all taken their toll on our wallets. Many people are looking for ways to increase their income, and luckily, the internet provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. For many people, even just $500 extra per month would give them the funds they need to pay their bills, credit cards or mortgage payment.

There are a myriad of ways to make an extra $500 per month and ease your money worries. Here are just a few internet business ideas:

  • Google AdSense: If you have a website, Google will place some ads on your site; when your visitors click on the ads, you get paid. The ads will be similar to the theme of your website; so if your website sells pet supplies, the ads will be for pets and pet supplies.
  • Freelancing Writing: There are thousands of website and online business owners who do not have the skills or the time to write their own content or articles. You can make a very lucrative income from freelance writing. It’s fun, challenging, and exciting.
  • E-Bay Store: Open up an e-bay store and sell products online. You could sell stuff you have around the house, or you could partner with wholesalers and dropshippers to sell their products.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Many online products and businesses have what is known as affiliate products; basically, if you try a product or service and you love it, you can sell it from your own website. Each time someone buys from you, you receive a profit or a commission.
  • Network Marketing: Also known as MLM, this is a business model that takes some time to build, but once you do can provide you with a nice monthly income. There are hundreds of companies to choose from. Try the products first before deciding on which company to partner with.
  • Website Design: If you know the languages and love to design and create, then website design can be the perfect solution. With hundreds of new websites popping up every day, this is a high-demand business that can eventually replace your income entirely.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember that none of these are get rich quick – because there is no such thing. You will not start making money overnight. You’re going to have to work at it, and it will take some time for your business to take off. How much time will depend on how much you work at it. Find something you love to do, or a product that you truly believe in and go from there. Conduct some internet research to get some marketing ideas and strategies. Don’t forget to create a business plan; you must treat this as a real business if you’re going to be successful. You may find that your online business will not only supplement your current income, but replace it.

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You Are Not Alone In Your Online Business

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No, you should not start looking over your shoulder, but you should start smiling. That’s because you can be safe in the knowledge that while you are in business for yourself you are not alone – it’s not always easy, there are tools and sources of support if you want to make use of them. It is entirely up to you – just know that you can use these resources to improve your business, improve efficiency and profitability.

What tools are at your disposal will differ dramatically, depending entirely on the type of business you are involved in. An affiliate marketer will have a whole different range of tools open to them than someone who operates a more traditional MLM or network marketing business for example. For the latter, a tool that makes MLM lead generation easier and more efficient will be beneficial, when to the former it will be useless.

No matter what it is you do, there will be help. I’m talking about mentors and peers – people who know your business (even if just in a general sense) – these people are a great resource and can greatly improve your own business. Many people identify internet business opportunities and go a step further, developing a business, but never realizing how isolating operating such a business can be.

IT can be difficult – but there are avenues of interactions out there that can benefit your business and yourself. The key though is to maintain focus – continue to work hard and avoid distractions. It can be easy to get sucked into a conversation topic on a forum, or a social networking site… but always ask yourself this question: “Does what I am doing benefit my business?”. Be honest with your answer too!

Online business can be isolating, but it does not have to be – interact with others in your field – you never know, you may strike up a partnership, a friendship, or alternatively you may learn about some business tips which you will definitely not implement in your own business. Either way you have gained something.

Making Extra Money 101

Everyone is looking for the next big thing that is going to make him or her extra money.  Making extra money is not hard there are money making opportunities created everyday but if you are going to get involved and try making extra money you do need to know what to look for.  Here are some key tips that will help you on your search.

From network marketing to online marketing to door-to-door marketing it seems like there are a billion different ways to make some extra cash.  Many people will not even try to get involved or look for ways to make it happen because they are worried about getting scammed or loosing money.  The truth is that there are more money making opportunities that are legitimate out there than are not.  The thing is that most people give up or do not have the discipline to make it work for themselves.  They want to blame or point fingers of why the business or system didn’t work.  Just look online…search the term ‘money making opportunity’.  There are more negative reviews out there than there are positive reviews.  This is mostly because the people that do not succeed need someone to blame and want someone to listen.  “Misery loves company” and the people that are having success at a money making opportunity are too busy to care about the people who want to point the finger.

There are some scams out there though and some ways to find the legitimate opportunities compared to the shady ones.  The first thing to do is to ask for a referral.  Look for someone that is having success in a money making opportunity that you might think you would like and ask them about it.  If they are not open to share then find another.  They are not that hard to find and you can always look someone up online and shoot them an email.  The next thing to do is to use your best judgment.  The more you research the more you will find out about making extra money.

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