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Why eBay Fees are a Good Thing

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If you have ever tried to make any money on eBay there is a reasonable chance that you have found eBay’s fee structure to be a little off putting.

Many people complain when eBay put their prices up… Which is fair enough really. But in many ways, this could be a good thing. Here’s why, and how you can use these changes to improve your own business.

1: It has to be hard

First of all, if it is easy to make money in a business then everyone will do it. Why not look at it this way though; if you can make sure your business is so good that it remains profitable when others don’t, pretty soon you will have a lot less competition to deal with. A tougher market forces out weak competitors and makes the market better for everyone else.

2: It forces you to be better

Similar to the point above, but basically, if nothing ever changed, chances are your business wouldn’t either. New competitors are arriving all the time and the day you get lazy is the day your business starts to fail. But with constant pressure from eBay the smart businesses will innovate and adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve. Innovation is the currency of modern business and the lifeblood that will propel your business onwards and upwards.

3: It cleans up the market

If there were no eBay fees it would be possible to sell pretty much anything at a profit. In the short term this would be great, but it would massively increase the amount of spammy listings and eventually start to put off buyers. Without shoppers eBay is worth nothing, so anything that benefits the buyer benefits your business.

4: You can’t change it anyway

The final message I wanted to put across in this post is that ultimately you can’t change the fees anyway. If you have a business on eBay which has been effected by a new fee structure, your challenge now is to rethink what you are doing and find news ways to make yourself more profitable. This is all part of the challenge of business, enjoy it!

About the author:

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Finding Free Stuff to Sell On eBay

One of the easiest ways to learn how to make money on eBay is to get started by selling stuff that costs you nothing. You can discover the tricks of the trade without any financial risk. And while you are finding out how to set up an auction, make your items attractive to buyers and what’s hot and what’s not, you can be earning some extra cash. There is a surprising amount of free stuff out there that you can turn around and sell on eBay, but first you have to find it.

At home

The first place you should look is in your own home. Most of us have stuff we haven’t used, let alone seen, for years. Go through your closets and storage boxes and find items that you no longer have any use for, like the designer dress you bought but could never fit into.

By selling it on eBay, you can get back some of money you originally spent. You can sell gently used vintage clothes, designer clothes and accessories, baby clothes, jewelry, toys, books, CD’s and DVD’s, old electronics, sports gear and video games, to name but a few items. And what about those gifts people have given you that you’ll never use? Items that have never been opened or used can often fetch a good price on eBay.


Look online at websites such as FreeStuff.co.uk for a wealth of free stuff, samples and giveaways. You can often find great free deals that will sell for real money on eBay.

Friends and family

You don’t have to stop with your own house. Talk to friends and relatives and offer to help them clean out their attics or garages in return for letting you have old items they don’t want any more. Many of them will be more than happy just to get rid of the stuff and grateful for your help clearing it out. This is a potential gold mine and everyone will be better off for it.

Ask around When Finding Free Stuff to Sell on Ebay

There are a lot of people looking to give away stuff for free, just to clear out the clutter. Check local newspapers, Buy, Sell & Trade websites and Craigslist/Freecycle etc… for their listings of free giveaways. To take advantage of these offers, you have to move fast as the item usually goes to the first person to respond to the ad and pick the item up.

Garage sales, flea markets and rummage sales are another place to find free or at least very lost cost, items. The key is to arrive at the end of the sale. Rather than having to pack up the items that haven’t sold, many people will just give them away or sell them for a pittance.


Sometimes you can find free stuff to sell on eBay by simply looking down. A walk on the beach or in the woods can produce a treasure trove of items that are sought after by crafters, collectors and pet owners. Pine cones, shells, driftwood, moss, fossils, sea glass, rocks and even pine needles can bring a good price. With a little imagination you can find free stuff in the most unexpected places. What may not seem to have much value to you could prove to be someone else’s treasure.

5 Things You Might Not Realize You Can Buy on EBay

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While many people realize that you can find pretty much anything on EBay, there are still items to be found that the average person would not even think of. We’ve all heard of the crazy things like chunks of concrete that had “images” of Jesus in them or recent clippings of Justin Bieber hair; but how about less crazy items. What about purchasing things you might use every day or more tangible items that you would have never thought about buying on EBay? Here are 5 things I have found on EBay that might not even realize you can buy there:

  1. School Supplies – Every fall my daughters get a new list of supplies that are needed for the start of school. Invariably these require a trip to the local big box retailer, and the requisite rush to get the last pack of paper. Why do I do it every year? I’m not sure given that I can find pretty much any school supply I need on EBay, from glue sticks to paper to protractors.
  2. Gift Cards – That’s right, you can get gift cards on EBay. I personally am hesitant to buy something like this via auction, so I guess it is buyer beware. However, do your research in to the seller and you can find a great deal on gift cards. You can find pretty much any retailer available – from Apple to Home Depot.
  3. Art – I’d bet that most people don’t think of buying art on EBay. But if you think about it, art is very much an auction type item. You can view potential pieces online, decide if it is what you want, then bid. You might even find art by the next Picasso!
  4. Batteries – Of course you can buy specialty batteries for your camera and electronics on EBay, but did you know you can get just plain old AA batteries? I didn’t. But right there in the battery section you will find everyday single use batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc). You can even find re-chargeable batteries of all brands and types..
  5. Real Estate – You can find houses, lots, and even timeshares on EBay. This is just crazy to me. You can search by state, by type, and even by zoning in the case of a lot. I’m not sure I’m going to utilize this service, but if you are looking for a lot or house of a particular type in a certain location, you can always set up a watch list and to find exactly what you are looking for.

As with anything you buy on EBay, you should check the feedback of the seller before placing a bid. I’d also recommend never paying with check, money order, or cash (never cash). I recommend paying with a credit card whenever possible to help protect yourself. In the case of very large purchases over the Internet, I always like to use an escrow service.


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