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The checklist of the eBay Seller

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The checklist of the eBay Seller

To be a successful eBay seller, make sure that you create a checklist and follow it, as selling is a responsibility and you will have to make everything possible to leave your customers satisfied.

  • Have you found all the information that is available about the items that you are selling? The best thing that you will be able to do in that case is to search internet, by typing the name of the item you will be selling in some of the major search engines.
  • Are you keeping an eye on the competition? Remember that you must know what all the other sellers are doing and make sure that you will offer a lot better services and prices. That way you will have more customers for sure.
  • Do you have pictures of all the items that you are selling? Make sure that you will take pictures of all the items that you will be selling. Furthermore, make sure that the pictures will show all the details of the items that you are selling.
  • Are you sending e-mails to all your buyers? Make sure that you will keep proper communication between you and all your customers. The content of the e-mail must show that you are appreciating the fact that the particular customer is working with you.
  • Are you checking your mail box? All the potential buyers will contact you seeking information about the products that you are offering, so make sure that you will regularly check the content of your mailbox.
  • Do you have proper descriptions of all the items that you are selling? Each one of the buyers will want to see some information about all the items that you are selling, so make sure that you will include a detailed description of the items available to you.
  • Are you wrapping the items properly? Make sure that you will do everything possible to wrap the items that you are selling properly, because that way you will leave good impression to all your customers. Furthermore, you will reduce the chances of any damage to occur to the item during the shipping.
  • Are you following up? After you had sent the item, make sure that you will spend some time contacting the customer, because that way you will see if everything is fine with the shipment and also if the customer have any complaints about the item that you had sold.

The main thing that you need to learn if you are willing to become a very good eBay seller is to make sure that you spend as much time possible providing good customer service. If you make that happen you will see that almost all your customers will be returning to you and you will be able to make a lot of income. Remember that you must be honest and polite to all your customers, because you want to show them that you are a reliable, which will improve your reputation dramatically.

What is the best item to sell on eBay?

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What is the best item to sell on eBay?

You might want to leave your full-time job to sell products online because you heard that a friend of yours was making enough to leave his job. Or you are looking for some extra income to help pay some bills or go on a vacation. Whatever your plans might be, finding the right products to sell is important to your success.

There are all kinds of things on sale on eBay. Someone might have inherited a home with a lot of small items that needed to be sold. Or you might have had a baby but no longer need all the items associated with a young child. Many items in good condition have found a buyer on eBay.

Locating the Products

So where do you find the products? Looking in your home is a good place to start. The eBay Idea House is a great seller’s tool that displays all the items in a virtual house. Many new ideals are found in each room including some expected locations and some unexpected locations.

Yard sales are also very good places to start when looking for items to sell. Finding nice items that the owners no longer have a need for anymore, is what you are looking for. Churches, community sales, and larger antique shows are great spots. Make sure to have cash and some decent sized transportation.

That One Item

Make a judgment first on an item whether you would purchase it or not. If you wouldn’t buy the item, bidders on eBay more than likely will not also. Profit margin is in the number one quality you need in a product for eBay sales. If you can sell an item for more than you pay for it, you are in business.

A good example is a game console with limited supply. If you can find one for sale and others are having a difficult time locating one, you can resale on eBay for a profit fairly easily. Supply and demand is an important factor in the possible profit margin.

Items you Cannot Sell on eBay

There are set rules on what can be sold on eBay and what cannot. Your best course of action to follow the rules and not attempt to sell something that is prohibited.

Pornographic Material
Used Clothing
Items Recalled by the Manufacturer
Prepaid Credit Cards
Tickets to Events
Alcoholic Beverages
Food Items
Body Parts

To only name some of the items eBay will not allow to be sold on their site. A complete list can be found on the site itself.

EBay selling can produce a good income when you find the right products to sell with decent profit margins. Consider all costs and have some fun making money on the largest auction site in the world.

Writing Great Auction Descriptions

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Writing Great Auction Descriptions

Creating a listing on eBay is only the first step of selling products. If you want a good number of people to bid on your auction, they must be comfortable with the item description and understand the product or service you are offering. A great item description is essential. Be honest and appealing so buyers will compete for what you have to sell.

Title Basics

Important description pieces include the title and the body to start. Both should be cohesive so the bidders understand the item you have up for auction. They should have a good picture in their minds of the item before reaching the photos you have provided.

Beginning with the title, writing visual and specific is the best way to create the title. What draws your attention when you look at eBay auctions? Use some of those same phrases and ideals.

For instance, “Red dining room dinette.” Doesn’t tell the bidder much about the item you have for sale. But adding details with “Authentic 1956”, “Oak”, and “Farmhouse” gives a more visual description. Adding the condition to the title can also be helpful.

Test Good Descriptions

Detail the features of your item using attention-grabbing phrases in your description. Make sure to cover every detail that someone buying the item would like to know. Answer every question before it is asked.

If you’re selling a printer on eBay, you should include the manufacturer, the make, does it print in color, how many prints can it produce in a minute, the age, does it have a USB connection, how about a scanner, and can it make copies? All these details will want to be known by the person purchasing the printer.

The more information you give in the description, the better. Your desire is to have every bidder fully consider your product before returning to the search results. Take time with your description and test a number of different descriptions when you are selling the same item multiple times. One description may produce better results than all the others.