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Why Change Goals? Critical Circumstances have Changed in Your Life

There are many good reasons to change your goals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve given up on achievements( see Eternicom on Facebook for more details). It may mean, however, that critical circumstances have changed in your life. This sometimes makes goals irrelevant or obsolete. One example here is the millions of people without jobs right now. At one point these people may have set goals to climb the corporate ladder.

Now, their primary goal is to find gainful employment. Circumstances and situations play a role in our reasons for setting goals. As time changes, you may adopt different interests. These also could lead to goal changes. Maturity is very essential to being able to change goals. Understanding the right time to do so is important. It is possible to waste time and resources in a useless pursuit of certain goals. Let’s take a look at some good reasons to reevaluate your goals list.


People around the country are considering the benefits of relocation. This is particularly true of individuals who are searching for work. Relocation can provide a wealth of opportunities to singles and families. This simple process can be the catalyst behind a change in goals. If you secure a job out of town, pursuing one in town may cost you an opportunity.

Health problems

When people struggle with their health, their perspectives change. Fitness may never have been a goal before. Now these people see the importance of dieting and exercising. Changing goals to make your life better is important. This is especially true where health and disease are on the line.


When you become a parent, many of your goals will change. At one time, your goals were simply related to you. They were perhaps selfish in nature. Becoming a parent can totally change your outlook on life. This will inspire you to set goals that have to do with family and the future.

Goals can be a difficult thing to stay focused on, but they can be very rewarding when accomplished.  If goal setting is a struggle for you, there are hundreds of companies, like Eternicom, that can help you get started and create a personalized path to achieving success.

Make Great Strides with The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson uncovers some of the most simple, hidden truths in regards to success and failure. Knowing what the truths are is what gives people “the slight edge” in life. The truth of the matter is that nothing was meant to be difficult. In life, people either choose to do something and make it difficult or choose to do nothing at all. Then there are those who choose to do something and make it look easy.

Individuals who seem to have it easy really do, but it’s only because they possess the morals and beliefs necessary to live a pleasing life. Basically, this book provides you with the knowledge that small things add up over time in a big way. How much time? Well, that depends on the person and how much effort they are willing to exert. Some people are naturally hardworking individuals. With work always comes results.

Unlike other self-help books, The Slight Edge book by Jeff Olson does not encourage you to believe in wishful thinking. It’s perfectly fine to have idea of what you want your life to become. However, if all you do is dream, then do you think you’re really ever going to see any results? Nothing can happen in your life if all you do is wish.

The material presented in this book is real. Jeff Olson knows exactly what it is like to fail and explains exactly what it takes to make more money, strengthen your love life and other personal relationships, and view yourself as someone who is capable of achieving really big things.

By adopting new, simple habits that are practiced each and everyday, you’ll discover that anything is possible. Nothing in life is difficult. For example, if you’re planning on finding a better job, don’t simply look at the entire picture. Instead, think of the first step. Your most obvious first step would be to think of somewhere you would like to work, then simply apply – that is it. Wait for a response, and if you hear nothing, apply somewhere else. It’s as simple as that. With several repeated attempts, you will see positive results.

The Slight Edge helps you to refrain from traveling down a disappointing path. The majority of people possess a “breakthrough mentality” as Jeff refers to it, and inevitably, try to conquer the entire world in a day. The main fault with this type of thinking is that it is unrealistic. The techniques provided in this book help you to keep your head of the clouds and your feet on the ground. It encourages you to reach out and grab what you want, but only little by little. If you achieve great things quickly, then great.

The Slight Edge not only encourages you to reach out and grab what’s yours, but it also helps you to change the way you view success. No longer will you view everything has hard to obtain and overwhelming, but much easier to achieve because everything is broken down in small pieces. Trying to make achievements too fast will simply result in frustration, create impatience, and end up in discouragement and failure. This book helps you to get out of your rut on the path to a real future.

If you would like to learn more about The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, please visit The Personal Development Company.

Selling used electric wheelchair accessories

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There are many reasons why a user wants to sell his wheelchair accessories. It could be that he wants to change to new and modern accessories with better features. As wheelchair accessories are simple ergonomic items that help to enhance user experience of wheelchairs, manufacturers tend to redesign them often, adding new features that will attract users to buy them. They also attract buyers with flashy colors and branded look. The other reason why people intend to sell their wheelchair accessories is due to them selling off their wheelchairs. After you have sold the wheelchair, you do not have any use for the accessories and it is best to sell them before their value drops further.

When you want to sell your wheelchair accessories, there are a few channels which you can choose. The easiest way is through the Internet where popular online classified sites like Craigslist and eBay allows you to sell used items. These platforms also allow interested buyers to shop and search for specific items, perhaps matching what you are selling. Sites like Craigslist allow for free listing and also promptly updates you if there are any inquiries. Most popular accessories like cup holders for mobility devices can be easily sold off because of their usefulness. If you have one of these for sale, you can take a picture of its current condition and attach to your listing. Buyers can scrutinize the appearance of the item for any scratch or damages.

You can also explore forums where handicapped people will discuss topics on disability and assistance devices. This is where you meet like minded people who will appreciate the use of wheelchair accessories even when it is second hand. They are also more likely to buy your things than shoppers in eBay.

Not all used wheelchair accessories can be resold easily like the cup holders. The electric wheelchair seat cushion gel is one such example. As this cushion gel may have lost its ability to absorb weight after you have used it for some years, most people prefer to get new ones. Hygiene is also another cause for consideration.