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Your eBay Store, Getting Started

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Your eBay Store, Getting Started

Many people sell items on eBay as a hobby, occasionally finding something they don’t need or something they think will sell well on eBay and creating an auction. Others see eBay as a business and create their own eBay Store. An eBay Store allows these individuals to sell a variety of items in one central location and is quite a bit easier to setup than if they developed their own stand alone ecommerce website.

eBay Store Design

An eBay Store is designed like an actual store with aisle of product. The advantage of having an eBay Store is that buyers can tell by an image on your auctions that you also have a store, you can list items there for sale at a fixed price that are not up for auction, and buyers can learn more about your business.

Why an eBay Store?

The extra exposure of products you are not currently in auction will increase your sales and the profit for you business. You can provide ongoing customer support through your store and tell buyers the story of your business which could create a loyal following. Plus eBay offers additional support for your business once you create a store as they want to see their store members succeed.

eBay Support

There are currently three levels of eBay Stores including Anchor, Premium and Basic. Unless you know you are going to produce large volumes through your store, start with the basic and expand later. The prices range from $15.95 to $299.95/month based on the type of store you create.

Of course the support you receive varies by the type of store you own. Setup and Management tools are available to everyone. Customer support is also available to every store in additional to unlimited product pages. You get a unique web address and your store name is prevalent on all pages of your store.

Seller tools to create product pages offline vary depending on the type of store you operate. But the process is easy for all levels and eBay helps you in getting needed traffic to your store. Get started today and make the most of this inexpensive service.

Writing Great Auction Descriptions

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Writing Great Auction Descriptions

Creating a listing on eBay is only the first step of selling products. If you want a good number of people to bid on your auction, they must be comfortable with the item description and understand the product or service you are offering. A great item description is essential. Be honest and appealing so buyers will compete for what you have to sell.

Title Basics

Important description pieces include the title and the body to start. Both should be cohesive so the bidders understand the item you have up for auction. They should have a good picture in their minds of the item before reaching the photos you have provided.

Beginning with the title, writing visual and specific is the best way to create the title. What draws your attention when you look at eBay auctions? Use some of those same phrases and ideals.

For instance, “Red dining room dinette.” Doesn’t tell the bidder much about the item you have for sale. But adding details with “Authentic 1956”, “Oak”, and “Farmhouse” gives a more visual description. Adding the condition to the title can also be helpful.

Test Good Descriptions

Detail the features of your item using attention-grabbing phrases in your description. Make sure to cover every detail that someone buying the item would like to know. Answer every question before it is asked.

If you’re selling a printer on eBay, you should include the manufacturer, the make, does it print in color, how many prints can it produce in a minute, the age, does it have a USB connection, how about a scanner, and can it make copies? All these details will want to be known by the person purchasing the printer.

The more information you give in the description, the better. Your desire is to have every bidder fully consider your product before returning to the search results. Take time with your description and test a number of different descriptions when you are selling the same item multiple times. One description may produce better results than all the others.



5 eBay Selling Tips

5 eBay Selling Tips

It’s not a surprise to many when they hear that eBay is the most important online marketplace. Worldwide access provides markets that seem unlimited to the local the vendor. But it can be difficult to sell products on eBay for a number of reasons. These five tips will help you to be as profitable on eBay as possible.

Ebay Singapore HQ

Ebay Singapore HQ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone is jumping onto to eBay to see if they can make some extra income. Big profits often come with big ticket items like real estate and automobiles. And people are selling everything except for the kitchen sink. How does anyone make a living on eBay and how do you get started?

Research a market.

People have tried to sell everything on eBay but not everything makes money. Following auction results will help you determine if a niche is profitable. The goal is to find the most current niches that are profitable and build from there.

Price right.

To get the attention of buyers you will need to be priced competitively with other sellers of the same goods. Try to offer something of value in addition to the product that makes your auction less of a commodity item. Charging more for shipping can also offset a price discount but still secure the sale.

Good Descriptions.

Make your descriptions as helpful and complete as possible as some buyers may be afraid that sellers, especially new sellers, might not be providing quality items. If you leave out important information bidders will move on to the next auction. Don’t hide anything including the details of a minor flaw that will be discovered when the purchased item is received.

Understand Appropriate Policies.

eBay has a number of policies that you must follow and violating anyone of them can cause difficulty for your new business. The policies are set to protect you and to protect the buyer. You could be banned from the site if you violate the wrong policy or you violate a number of policies during the same period.

Consider Selling Options.

Make sure to understand all the options available when creating an auction on eBay. If you forget specifics about shipping and payment, the bidders are likely to pass or there will be confusion after the auction has closed. Don’t accept checks if at all possible because they might bounce long after you have shipped a product. Know what to do when a successful bidder doesn’t complete the transaction. And investigate the costs of shipping before you list an item. A surprise at the end can take away all profit that you built into the sale.

If you are considering an eBay business, make sure to follow these 5 tips for preparing and running your online auctions. There are many more things to know so continue to research and take a look at some of the programs available here.

How to Become an EBay Auction Seller

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How to Become an EBay Auction Seller

If you were to check out the information on the most reliable ways to make money online; you would quickly be led right back to EBay every time. Many people think they have to stock a large inventory in order to become a power seller. The truth is that you have to have the right information that will help you get started and a home computer! That’s it! No large investment, no pyramid scam and no large inventory. All the secrets are revealed through guides like the eBay Sellers Lounge or the eAuction Expert. The latter offers a free trial and helps you to set up your own customizable website and markets your services to millions of potential sellers who want to sell through your services.

Ebay Singapore HQ

Ebay Singapore HQ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Next Wave of Online Employment is Upon Us!

The recession has made everyone want to get the best deal possible and lots of people turn to eBay for all their needs. There is an honest and easy way for you to become part of that and all you have to do is become an eBay auctioneer. Whether you want to market your own products or those of others; you can makes thousands (or more) dollars a month depending on how aggressive you plan to be. Setting up an online shop is easy and lucrative! It is proven that you can earn hourly incomes and by marketing your services with eBay selling kits can increase profits tenfold. Luckily, EBay does not participate in scams and works very hard to maintain integrity! This is exactly why in this recession; you can trust working for an organization as impeccably organized as eBay. The best part is that you really are working for yourself, through eBay!

eBay Power Seller

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Learning the Insider Secrets that Will Make you a Power EBay Seller is Easy!

Being an EBay auctioneer is easy and is a proven way to earn extra money from your home. Many people start out selling on EBay and within just a few months are able to quit their day jobs and work EBay fulltime. Each day, EBay logs millions and millions of visitors and as their reputation for being the best online selling site ever created will automatically match you up with buyers who need and want your products! Luckily, this is not a private industry where the selling secrets to success are hidden. In fact, you can learn everything you need to know about selling on EBay by using any of their quality learning tools.

Stephanie Tilenius - Senior Vice President & G...

Stephanie Tilenius – Senior Vice President & General Manager, eBay Marketplaces (Photo credit: ebayink)

Learn the Basics of EBay Selling without Emptying Your Garage!

Many people think that they have to have a garage full of products in order to sell on EBay. That is a misconception. If you can become a power seller there are tons of business models that will hire you to sell their stuff. Essentially you can become the captain of a ship that makes a lucrative income off of other people’s stuff. No products to store in your home, no shipping responsibilities and best of all – pure profit to you. The inside information is easy to come by and you can choose a free guide like EBay VIP’s Sellers Lounge or the free trail of the eAuction Expert that will show you the ropes. There are many people earning thousands of dollars a month through EBay. With all the online scams there are; it is time to go with a name you trust and begin using the exposure of EBay to make your financial dreams come true.

How to Earn Extra Income

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Learn How to Earn Extra Income with Reputable Organizations Like EBay!

Whether you have a job or not; there is a chance that you are looking for something else to help you earn extra money. In this wavering economy there are a million reasons to explore all the employment options available; some of which you can do from your very own home. The onslaught of unemployment has sent people scouring the internet for work at home jobs which very often turn out to be scams. How about working with an organization like EBay; learning how to be your very own auctioneer, making money online – at home without having to invest extra time or money?

An auctioneer and her assistants scan the crow...

An auctioneer and her assistants scan the crowd for bidders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is EBay Auction Selling?

EBay is by far the most advanced and comprehensive online auction site around and millions of people are marketing their products, earning lucrative incomes from the comfort of their own home. Whether you choose the EBay VIP Sellers Lounge for free or the E Auction Expert Edition you will instantly learn insider secrets and gain valuable advice on the best ways to sell your products and make more money each month. The software helps you to easily set up a website and build your EBay presence so that you can quickly become a reputable seller on EBay. You can choose to open an online auction store of your own selling other peoples products or can sell your own products! EBay offers unprecedented flexibility that can be tailored to your interests!