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Run a Teen eBay Business From Home

Though there are many small business ideas available for teenagers looking to score big in the arena of entrepreneurship, starting an eBay business can be one of the easiest ways to earn profit. You will simply need to do some research, find out the products that sell on eBay and start your business. If all these steps look like a difficult job, here is a step-by-step guide to help you take the first step towards starting a teen eBay business.

Shortlist Items To Be Sold

You can sell just about anything on eBay. However, since the demand for some specific products may be very high than the others, it would be wise to do some market research to know what sells fast on eBay. In case you are interested in selling toys, weight loss pills, cookware, paintings and other artifacts, clothing, collectibles, antiques, electronics or sporting goods, just search them on eBay and Google to get an idea of which ones are the popular items with the masses. Shortlist the results as these products will be your primary list of things to be put on sale.

Sourcing New Items

If you plan to sell new products, you will need to find a reliable source from where you can get the items at a cheap price. You may try to buy the goods from wholesalers, liquidators, distributors, importers, or directly from manufacturers. Hiring a drop shipper can also be a good idea as you will no longer need to worry about storage and delivery of the goods.

Buying Old Items

More legwork would be needed to find and maintain an inventory of marketable merchandise in case you plan to sell used products or antiques. You can buy used products cheaply from garage sales, estate sales or by scouring flea markets. Valuable antiques and art pieces can be bought from auction sales.

Learn More about eBay

There is a lot to learn about the right way to sell things on eBay. Though there are many guides available in the market that claim to teach you the tricks of the trade, an easy way out could be the eBay University Learning Center. Be a student and learn all about selling your merchandise on eBay. Though the learning curve be time consuming for some teenagers, don’t give up. Remember – armed with the right knowledge, you can easily take your business sales to the next level.

So, take the first step today to establish your eBay business.

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Starting An EBay Business With No Money

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If you want to start a business that doesn’t require any investment on your part and yet let you earn hefty profits, turn your gaze on eBay. Starting an eBay business with no money isn’t a cakewalk but with proper planning and some homework, it’s not a hard job either. In case you are feeling the enthusiasm bubbling within, here’s a look at the steps that will help you get started.

Find Out Products That Sell

Remember that on the internet, everything doesn’t sell. So, spend some time to surf eBay and find out the products that have a high demand. Googling some specific keywords related to products that you are aiming to sell can also help. For example, use keywords like “buy fat loss pills”, “buy martial arts mats” etc in Google to see how many search results are displayed. This will give you an idea of what sells and what doesn’t.

Find A Drop Shipper

After you have decided the products that you will list for sale on eBay, find a drop shipper. In other words, find a company that will stock the products for you till the sale is made. Once the deal is stuck, it will send the goods out to your buyers. This way, you won’t need to invest for inventory, and can do away with worries related to packing the goods and shipping orders. So, let someone else do the work for you while you earn profits to pay your drop shipper and have a chunk left for yourself to enjoy.

Listing Your Goods And Deciding The Price

You will need some money to list your goods on eBay. Ask friends and family members to chip in and promise them to pay as soon as you cross over the break even point. To keep your requirement of up-front capital to the minimum, start small by selling only a few things. You can choose to keep the sales cycle short by making your auctions last for about 3 to 10 days. You can open a PayPal account to accept the payment of items that are sold within a day or two. Many people list the goods at twice the price that they will need to pay their drop shippers and to cover other costs (if any). However, it’s advisable to find the market rate and list your goods accordingly as too high a price may leave the items unsold. So, calculate to find out what amount would bring you profit after the bills are paid and fix the price of your items accordingly.

Lastly, use proper and targeted keywords while listing your goods to ensure that people are able to find them on the internet. So, use these steps to build your eBay business and look forward to enjoying business success.

Small Business Insurance for eBay Sellers Is Too Often Overlooked

You have spent your time researching products that sell and wholesale, liquidation or drop-ship sources to obtain them.   Whatever business you have decided upon, you cannot forget that it is a business.  Home based businesses often neglect the value of small business insurance to protect them from both property losses and liability lawsuits.  You shouldn’t neglect this very important aspect of your business.

Notify your current insurance company

Your first step is to notify your personal insurance carrier whether under a homeowner’s or renter’s policy.  It might be possible to add a Home Business endorsement to the policy.  If they say, “No”, don’t despair.  Several companies are able to write home based business policies for less than $1,000 per year, often as low as $500.

Valuing your inventory

Wholesale items are easily valued at invoice, but when liquidation merchandise is being sold, it can be more complicated because the amount you purchased the items for can change drastically every month depending on supply.  As a rule of thumb, you should use the same methods for valuing your inventory for insurance purposes as you do for your bookkeeping.

Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability: If you rent a warehouse or storage unit for your inventory, you should have General Liability insurance to cover any accidents that may happen to third parties on your premises.  This could include the warehouse staff, cleaning crews, your landlord, or delivery people.  Even if you are running your business out of your house, you should carry this insurance.

Products Liability: If you are buying overstock merchandise, you most certainly need Products Liability – you could be held liable for defective merchandise.  Don’t think that the original manufacturer will offer you any assistance.  If you are buying wholesale or drop shipping, request to be added as additional insured to their Products Liability policy.  They should be willing to do so.   If not, consider a different source

Media and Advertiser’s Liability: A common exposure faced by eBay sellers is copyright or trademark infringement, unauthorized use of images or logos, and, heaven forbid, claims of counterfeit merchandise trading.  These exposures do require special coverage that extends beyond even a standard business insurance policy.  To have coverage for these types of claims, you need Media and Advertiser’s Liability insurance. Yes, even one person selling stuff out of their basement can be sued as a publisher, because when you create a page on eBay, which is what you are doing.

Starting an eBay business on a shoestring is hard enough without having to consider yet another expense.  The best course of action in the beginning is prevention: don’t use trademarks, images or logos without permission, be careful what you say about the competition, restrict public access to your premises, and publish solid descriptions and disclaimers of liability on your listings.  As your business grows, you should consider your small business insurance as one of the many expenses of a successful business.

10 Best Ways to Destroy your eBay Selling Business

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10 Best Ways to Destroy your eBay Selling Business

If you are not careful when you are doing your business in eBay, you will see how easily you can destroy it. In that article I will point the 10 main ways to do that, because that is the best way to learn what you should avoid.

  1. The best way to destroy your eBay business is to lie about some of the items that you are selling. IF you make that happen all your customers will hate you for sure.
  2. Make sure post all the items that you may have. That way, you will make all your customers contact someone else to find the item that you do not have, but you are offering.
  3. Make sure that you will leave your auction ending in the middle of the night, because that way you will not have any customers at all.
  4. Do not send any emails with information about your products and the services that you are offering, because you will be wasting a lot of time to do that.
  5. Do not sell quality items, but make sure that you will be trying to get the maximum possible profit. That is the best way not to have any customers at all.
  6. Never give discounts, because that way you will loose some of your profit.
  7. When you are making your listing, make sure that you use a lot of colors and some of the ugliest looking fonts that you can ever find. That you will get the attention of your customers, but for bad.
  8. Do not waste your time taking photos of all the items that you are selling, just let all the customers guess what you are selling. That is the best way to keep it a surprise.
  9. Do not waste your time writing long descriptions, because you will not have to give so much information to all your customers. Furthermore, you will loose a lot of time too.
  10. Make sure that you use reserved auctions, because that is the best possible ways to scare away all your customers. This way you will make them bid on a normal auction for the same item that you are selling, but to another buyer.

If you manage to make only one of those things, you will destroy all the chances of having success in eBay. However, you can use all that information to make your eBay selling career a lot better, so make sure that you will do that.

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Ship Your eBay items Quickly

Ship Your eBay items Quickly

Shipping is the one part of your eBay business that you probably find uninteresting and uncreative. You would rather be buying more inventory and creating killer auctions that sell for top dollar quickly. You need to reduce the time it takes to ship your eBay items so you can concentrate on what makes the most money.

The first in reducing the time required to ship your eBay items is to print your postage at home. Begin using a service like Stamps.com, USPS, or PayPal to print your postage before you leave the house for the post office. Having a kit of everything you need to ship an item also reduces the time you would have spent hunting for the necessary packaging and labels.

Have a location and a set time where all you do is focus on preparing your eBay items to be shipped. Distractions will only slow you down and prevent you from getting back to what will earn you more money today. The eBay Waiting Shipping screen can be your best tool to package and ship everything required quickly and without error. Make sure to display photos of the eBay items on the Waiting Shipment page so you grab the right products for the completed auction.

Finally, not going to the post office at all is the best time saver possible. Schedule carrier pickup with the post office ahead of time. You can schedule the pickup time and estimate the number of packages. When the carrier arrives, hand him/her your packages that are already sealed and stamped and wish them a good day.

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The Best eBay Marketing Strategy

ebay Marketing

The Best eBay Marketing Strategy

You have made the choice to start your eBay business along with millions of others and hope you can make enough money to take some nice vacations and possibly leave your job. You found the niche you want to sell products in and now you’re ready to do some marketing. Time is required to obtain a good eBay reputation but planning can reduce the requirement.

Never Done Marketing Before

Marketing is all about getting traffic to your eBay store and auctions so you get the most bids and the best price possible. Brand development through marketing channels is important so buyers feel comfortable when they reach your personally branded store.

Online marketing plans work for stand-alone website as well as eBay stores. EBay can be a launching pad to your own online presence that sells directly to customers without the eBay service assisting you. Keeping your costs to a minimum is the best strategy to increase your profit margins but it might take some investment to get the traffic you need to start your business.

The Steps Needed

Start with Word of Mouth – Tell people you know about your online business by sending them links through email, Twitter, or Facebook. Collect a group of people that are interested in your products and send them a newsletter once a month.

Signature Lines – Create a signature line on your email account so that every email you send will have an image and a link to your store. Create a catchy tag line that you can also make a part of your email signature.

Ask for Feedback – As you sell products on eBay, ask for customer feedback. Your reputation on eBay improves with each positive feedback rating that you obtain. Send out a nice email after your product is shipped to make sure the buyer received the product and approves of its condition. Mention customer feedback to them so they do not forget.

VistaPrint Business Cards – Have business cards developed by an online print company like VistaPrint. Include the business cards in the products that you ship. Hand out the business cards whenever you have an opportunity. And include a business card in letters to companies when paying bills or corresponding.

Customer Rewards – Repeat customers to your store should be rewarded. Develop coupons and offers for clients that return and purchase additional items. Give away shipping or discount shipping for anyone ordering more than one item.

Free Surprises – Include a freebie with each product that you ship. Something small that goes with the product will surprise the customer and make them want to do business with you again. If you can have the gift imprinted with your brand name, logo, and web address, this additional marketing will be extremely inexpensive.

Every step and ideal that you execute will become a part of your overall marketing plan. Increase your marketing budget as your business grows. Don’t rely on just one form of marketing but try new outlets and test the results for best performance. Don’t limit yourself, develop a plan that draws the most attention and traffic to you new eBay store.