How To Sell Your Car On Ebay Motors UK

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Sell Your Car On Ebay Motors UK

Online stores have become a fad nowadays due to the fact that most people prefer to shop via web. Online shops such as eBay are considered a big help to busy customers because they do not need to miss their important activities just to look for the things that they need. Most people think that only small stuffs can be sold on eBay but the truth is even big items such as cars can be retailed online. Here are some tips on how to sell cars on UK eBay.

Start an Account

You need to sign up for a dealer account on eBay Motors to be able to sell your car online. You need to think of a unique username that you will use each time you sign in. Make sure that you remember your username and password to avoid problems when logging in.


Creating a Me page is necessary to attract potential buyers. You can advertise the vehicles that you sell using this page so make sure that you put a clear picture and create a good description so customers would know the specs easily. An attractive Me page can turn unsure customers into buyers.


Once you get bids on the car that you are selling via eBay Motors, mark the vehicle as sold. This is to avoid negative feedback from customers and possible penalties. Good feedback from customers will help you gain the trust of your future clients.

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