Creating A Proposal Template Correctly Based On A Request For Proposal

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The simple fact is that a good proposal template can improve your chances of winning a request for proposal (RFP). The basic structure involves two key sections each of which have their own purposes.

The first section is the executive synopsis or summary. Many of your customers will read this initially so will want to see which questions they raised in the RFP are being answered. As an example, they may have profitable online business ideas they want produced so your synopsis should highlight how the approaches used by your companies will actually deliver these solutions. This section provides all the statements and claims regarding how beneficial your company will be to the customer.

The second section is all of the supporting data and information which backs up the statements made in your synopsis. If you think about it, the customer will read the synopsis and then delve into specific areas in here. This supporting data should include details of the people performing the work, what tasks need to be done, costs, management approaches, production approaches, action plans, reporting processes, payment expectations and any sort of evaluation criteria which will be used.

This section can become very detailed with graphs, charts and information. As a result, it is worth including appendices at the end of the document for any additional information. The goal is really to keep the supporting information as concise as possible and limited to providing summaries.

Your proposal template should be reviewed repeatedly as drafts are continuously made. The evaluation criteria that were included in the RFP are a good starting point for establishing that you’ve answered all of the customer’s questions. It is also important to make sure to remove additional information regarding your company which does not provide benefits to the customer. This is good in marketing or promotional copy but completely superfluous in a business proposal template.

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