Why eBay Fees are a Good Thing

If you have ever tried to make any money on eBay there is a reasonable chance that you have found eBay’s fee structure to be a little off putting.

Many people complain when eBay put their prices up… Which is fair enough really. But in many ways, this could be a good thing. Here’s why, and how you can use these changes to improve your own business.

1: It has to be hard

First of all, if it is easy to make money in a business then everyone will do it. Why not look at it this way though; if you can make sure your business is so good that it remains profitable when others don’t, pretty soon you will have a lot less competition to deal with. A tougher market forces out weak competitors and makes the market better for everyone else.

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2: It forces you to be better

Similar to the point above, but basically, if nothing ever changed, chances are your business wouldn’t either. New competitors are arriving all the time and the day you get lazy is the day your business starts to fail. But with constant pressure from eBay the smart businesses will innovate and adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve. Innovation is the currency of modern business and the lifeblood that will propel your business onwards and upwards.

3: It cleans up the market

If there were no eBay fees it would be possible to sell pretty much anything at a profit. In the short term this would be great, but it would massively increase the amount of spammy listings and eventually start to put off buyers. Without shoppers eBay is worth nothing, so anything that benefits the buyer benefits your business.

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4: You can’t change it anyway

The final message I wanted to put across in this post is that ultimately you can’t change the fees anyway. If you have a business on eBay which has been effected by a new fee structure, your challenge now is to rethink what you are doing and find news ways to make yourself more profitable. This is all part of the challenge of business, enjoy it!

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