Pros And Cons Of 3 Project Management Diploma Course Options

Have you researched what type of project management diploma course you like to do? Then you’re probably already aware that your three options are to attend local universities, go to a Project Management Institute (PMI) program or doing online distance learning course. Choosing between the three can be quite tricky and depends on what your own needs are.

University programs are best suited to individuals who want to get a more rounded education. Courses are often specialized or focused on specific industries. The program itself may lead on to completing a business management degree at a later stage (i.e. an MBA). You have the real benefit of interacting with tutors and fellow students which can help improve your ability to study and return information.

The PMI provide specialized project management diplomas. Their programs are run by various centers throughout the world and teach you the essential project management skills required to work in any industry. The certification you receive is also recognized throughout the world so makes it invaluable if you wish to travel. The one downside is that training centers may not be located near to where you’re living or working. Most programs are provided as full-time programs so you can also find some part-time certifications which allows you to work in the day and study in the evenings and on weekends.

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The most flexible approach is to choose an online project management diploma. This allows you to attend webinars at a time of your choosing and study at your own pace. This also means that the cost involved would be a lot less than attending in person. The key to getting this right is to choose a training center or university which is going to be reputable and well recognized within the business/employment market. Be aware however that the level of interaction with other students is minimal so you have less opportunity for networking and building up business knowledge of other students background and work.

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