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Pop up displays have always been pleasing to the eyes. Even without the vibrant graphics, the sleek and modern designs alone can catch the attention of anyone. When used in trade fairs, pop up displays are almost always the queens of the show; they are the show stoppers. However, for the exact same reasons, they can be too overpowering and the other elements of your booth get lost in the crowd. Do not worry though because there are ways to mix the modern feel of pop up displays to the classic theme of your old booth.

Before we discuss how you can come up with a display that will fit your company’s needs, you have to first know the basics of pop up displays. A pop up display can be described in two words – comfortable couture. These displays look very expensive and futuristic, and yet they are very easy to use. All you actually need to do is to prop it open when you need to use it, secure it in place and you are good to go. Also, they are very sturdy as they are made of metal and fabric; basically everything a cardboard (which is usually used in booths) is not.

Regarding our concern about pop up displays outshining the rest of your booth, there are some things that can be done about that. If you really want to incorporate a pop up display in your old booth, maybe choose a display that is not too big. By that I mean the pop up display you choose should not look like it is your entire booth. Also, use colors that are not too “in your face”; the minimalist approach works best for this. Don’t forget that what you want to happen is for your pop up display to blend with the other elements of your booth.

Apart from the color and size of your pop up display, you must also make sure that it follows the same theme as your old booth. You want everything to just flow smoothly from the old to the new such that it will appear like they are conveying the same message. If you already found a system or a strategy that works best for you, don’t mess it up and just add details that will make it perfect. But you don’t want to remain stagnant either; change is good and it shows your customers that you can keep up with the trend.

Needless to say, pop up displays are really effective as a marketing tool for your company; but the problem lies in choosing one that is appropriate. Remember that what you want to do is make sure the pop up display you choose can blend well with the rest of your booth.

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