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Like confetti at a wedding or loaves of bread in a bakery, business cards are ubiquitous. They’re used by people in different walks of life; from salespeople to office staff, mechanics to school teachers, the business card, it would seem, is an important part of working life.

There are various kinds of business cards and in recent years throngs of card bearers have been switching from the old 20th century black and white cardboard business card to modern, more sophisticated and futuristic clear business cards. These cards, of course, are not cheap and those without the wherewithal have to search for cheaper cards. There are companies that want to keep up with modern times and provide their staff with plastic business cards; however these firms also try to save money, so they look for cheap double sided business cards. There are, no doubt, card manufacturers and printers that do produce and retail cheap business cards.

A quick search on the Internet and these managers and bosses are bound to find a printer who deals in cheap double-sided business cards. One has to beware, however, some of these cheaper versions will not last more than a few months. If, as one of these managers or bosses, you’re concerned about quality, order clear business cards; these are just as good. The only difference is that only one side of the card is printed on.

The galore of business cards is incredible and each month or year, a new version is introduced into the business card world. These new introductions are, more often than not, clear business cards and their designs and thicknesses change often. Companies, wanting to save a buck when these new versions come out, are best to wait until the price falls. At that time they’ll be able to pick up some cheap double-sided business cards for a song. However, always remember to be a frugal shopper.

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  1. Going minimalistic is the best way to opt for a business card, because a business card needs to be plain – but captivating. Choosing a business card that’s too plain will not excite the recipient of the card, and choosing a card that’s loaded with designs can also work in a negative way and give the card a cluttered feel.

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