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Best Selling Items on Ebay

Auction profits. Were you aware that eBay, the online auction service, is growing on a daily basis? eBay is the perfect place to sell all manner of items and earn a few dollars extra income. This article will guide you through the 5 key ways in which to earn more money through an online auction site of this kind.

The key to making money on eBay is to perform some thorough research and to locate several items that you own and are willing to get rid of which you know to be best selling items on eBay and other types of auction websites. Do not waste your time and energy selling items that are not in demand. For this reason, it is essential to perform some research before you start listing items to sell.

Another tip for increasing your profits on eBay relates to determining the price of the starting bid for your item. If you anticipate that you will attract a number of bidders fighting over your product, you may wish to keep the starting bid low. However, if you are under the assumption that you will not see many bidders after this item, you may like to start the bid at a price near to the real cost of the item you are selling.

A further tip for successful eBay auctioning is to create an eye catching, imaginative title for your item listing. Furthermore, it is advisable to write a short description of the item you have chosen to sell so that potential buyers know exactly what your eBay listing entails.

Another tip to ensure that your eBay online auctioning is profitable is categorize your eBay item listing. It is essential that your item falls into the correct category as this way it will be more likely to attract bidders with a genuine interest in your product.

The final step to successful eBay auctioning is to begin your auctions on a Thursday and set them to run for up to ten days. This will allow the eBay auction to run over two weekends, thus creating more interest from potential buyers and hence increasing the profits made.

Wholesale Jewelry Distribution on Ebay

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There are many ways to sell wholesale jewelry on the Internet, but not every method will be successful all the time. That is why it is important to have several alternative distribution channels. The great thing about selling wholesale jewelry online is that setting up your distribution channels does not require a middleman or broker. Before the Internet became a standard means of distribution for wholesale jewelry, the manufacturer had to sell through a broker who then took a cut of the profit in order to deliver the goods to the retailer who then sold to the consumer. As you already know, the Internet has allowed the manufacturer to not only bypass the broker, but can also bypass the retailer and sell directly to the consumer.

This type of wholesale jewelry distribution can be accomplished through several online sources. But the most established source for this type of jewelry sales is Ebay. As many people know, Ebay started out as an online auction house for everything from watches to computers, to stuffed animals, to cars, to houses. And although Ebay is still a means of distribution for these items, they have drastically upgraded their technology since their founding in the mid-1990s.

The thing that has made Ebay a great tool for wholesalers is that you can sell more than one item at a time. That sounds like an obvious statement but it wasn’t so obvious back in the day. In fact, it wasn’t even possible back in the day because Ebay started out with a format that allowed you to sell one item at a time to the highest bidder. This system was okay for individuals looking to sell their one-of-a-kind glass vase collections, but not for the wholesale jewelry professional who needed to move 20,000 jewelry pieces.

Fast forward to today and you can go on Ebay and find thousands of auctions for wholesale jewelry lots in which you don’t have to wait for the highest bidder. Instead the wholesaler can offer the entire lot of jewelry (maybe 100,000 pieces in come cases) for sale immediately without having to wait for the auction to be over. This is one of the many reasons that wholesale jewelry professionals sell (and buy) on Ebay.

What Everyone Should Know About How To Build An eBay Empire

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Ever since eBay started, people have been making money online. Don’t you want to be one of those people? It’s possible. You just need to know some rules in building your own eBay empire. I did not come up with these rules but were given to me by a successful entrepreneur. Let’s review them.

Low feedback? Lower Price

An eBay seller starting out cannot set the same prices as the competition. The amount of feedback you have (none) will steer potential customers away. Why? The seller has not proven themselves yet. How does the customer know they are reliable, that it’s not a scam, or that the seller is not offering a used product when they are advertising it as new? Yes, there is arbitration on eBay but no customer wants to go through the hassle. So instead, they just ignore your offer and move on to your competition. The best thing to do is to lower your price to balance out your low feedback. Aisde from feedback, the next thing customer looks at is the price. With a lower price, a new seller will be able to attract more eyeballs.

Where To Find Suppliers

If you are not just selling stuff in your attic, chances are there are suppliers for the products you want to offer. A great way to find suppliers is through Be careful though. Some are scammers. Luckily, there is a forum where suppliers are reviewed. That forum is called “The Wholesale Forums”. Look for suppliers with decent reviews.

Calculate Sales Price

You have the product. You found the supplier. Now it’s time to calculate how much to price your product. First, research how much the product is selling for on eBay. This is of course your competitive research. Next, factor in the seller fees, Paypal fees, and cost of buying each item. Will you still make a profit after adding those fees into the price of each item? If so, is it more, less or about the same as your competitors’ prices? If it’s higher, you better find an another product or a different supplier. If it’s the same, you will need to lower your price by 10-20% because of your little to no feedback. If it’s lower, then put the product on the market and let the money come rolling in.

These are just some rules on creating an eBay empire. All this however is just theory until you put it into practice. The person who puts things into action will always succeed.

3 Ways To Make Money With Ebay

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It’s Summer. The kids are out of school and you may be looking for extra work for them or for yourself. What a better way for both of you to work together and make extra money with ebay? Making money with ebay can be a lot of fun and certainly a learning experience for kids or anyone else who has never worked for their self. There are many who have started legitimate work at home businesses by using ebay. Here are 3 quick and easy ways you can make money on ebay.

Obviously the first way you can make money with ebay is to look around your house for stuff to sell. Chances are real good your sitting on a small fortune and do not know it. Most families are. Of course, the question now becomes do you really want to get rid of it in order to make money? My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t used it in the last 6 months, it goes.

Another way you can make money with ebay is their affiliate program. After you sign up, ebay will pay you for everyone you send to their site. The price per click varies, but if you have a site that is really popular, you can earn some good money this way. The best sites for this are niche specific sites. If you have a site about making wind chimes, then you can expect a lot of visitors who want to buy wind chimes. Just include a link to ebay or include links to live auctions using your affiliate number and you’ll start making some money each time someone uses your site to go to ebay.

Finally, another way you can make money with ebay is to sell other people’s stuff. This is becoming more and more popular with a lot of folks. What you do is advertise that you will sell their unwanted items on ebay. You take a small commission for every product that you list or sell. I prefer a commission for everything I list, but others only take money if they sell an item. There have been many people make money with ebay by starting their own businesses selling other people’s stuff!

Selling Counterfeit Designer Handbags Is Risky Business

There is no doubt that the market for designer handbags is huge. Every year millions and millions of dollars are spent by people seeking to own part of an image. The image of taste, style, and distinction is exactly what designer manufacturers are selling. Largely speaking, high-end designer handbags are of impeccable quality, durability, and style. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers that have developed the technology and purchased the same equipment used by the high-end designers in order to reproduce, with remarkable detail, the same high-end designer bags.

Since the companies who are stealing trademarks and profits from the high-end designers are not declaring themselves as such, there is no way for a consumer to know exactly what went into the manufacturing of these designer handbags. The market for “designer replica bags” is legitimate, or least it is legal, bBut the manufacturers who are passing off their rip-off bags as authentic are the problem.

Who’ Cares if I buy a Designer Knock-Off? No One Is getting Hurt, Right

Some consumers simply don’t care if the handbag is authentic so long as it looks to be so. The argument goes, who is being hurt if I buy a fake Louis Vuitton or a fake Hermes bag?  Aaside from the obvious profits which are lost by the designers, that is a very good question.  Who is being hurt by the manufacturer of these designer knockoff handbags?

The truth is, since these are organizations engaged in criminal activity, we can’t know. There have been suggestions that the knockoff designer handbags market engages in child labor abuses. It has also been suggested that some of the funds generated by counterfeit operations funds terrorism, though I have not found any specific information to confirm that.  Without a doubt, the funds are being used to fund criminal.

Gray Market v. Black Market Goods

Even handbags which are authentic can be sold illegally. It is referred to as “gray market goods”. These products are authentic; however, they are not authorized to be sold the way they are being sold. Goods that are stolen or smuggled are sold often on the Internet, sometimes on eBay. Selling great market goods is illegal just as if it is illegal to sell counterfeit goods. It does not matter if the seller knows if the goods were not obtained through licensed channels.

Designer Inspired Handbags

Designer inspired handbags, on the other hand, are copying the general look and feel of the original designer bags but make obvious efforts to ensure that these bags would never be mistaken for the original designer handbag. Selling designer inspired handbags is legal but remember that you are not allowed to mention the name of the designer from which the design is inspired by.

Declaring your Fakes as Fakes

It is also illegal to sell counterfeit goods even if you declare them as such. The reason for this is that if the manufacturer has replicated the logo or other trademarked design features and then in that bag is counterfeit as opposed to “designer inspired”. Even if you tell your buyers that the fake Coach handbag is a fake, you are still engaging in the trafficking of counterfeit goods.

If you are planning or already are selling high-end designer wholesale handbags, it is imperative that you know your sources. Selling counterfeit goods as authentic on eBay will get you banned at best. At worst you could have a visit from the FBI knocking on your door seizing your entire inventory and possibly taking you to jail. This would be a worst-case scenario, but it has happened.

eBay CEO Predicts $2 Billion in iPhone Based Auction Sales

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eBay CEO Predicts $2 Billion in iPhone Based Auction Sales

This week eBay CEO John Donahoe, at the All Things Digital Conference, predicted that during the current fiscal year eBay would generate between $1.5 and $2 billion in sales through the use of the eBay iPhone App. The iPhone application is widely popular with over 10 billion downloads total. Many have questioned the ability to use iPhone Apps as a revenue source but eBay’s bold prediction puts everyone on notice that mobile devices and smart phones have the ability to produce great revenue for a company.

The company generated over $600 million during the last fiscal year from its iPhone App according to Donahoe. Maybe you didn’t realize there was an iPhone App for eBay. Take a look at eBay’s web page specifically promoting the application and providing the needed link to Apple’s App Store: here. Search, Buy, Pay, and Check the status of auctions from either an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Other features include PayPal integration, Alerts, Messages, Live Support, and Feedback.

The Chief Executive also discussed the Digital Wallet while at the conference and his belief that the majority of transactions will be made with a cell phone instead of carrying around a wallet or a purse with credit cards. eBay itself is hoping for a transformation as its transaction company PayPal has outperformed the auction site for a number of years now. Certain categories within eBay have had facelifts to make them more appealing to shoppers including their fashion area. And new features continue to be rolled out like descriptive conditions and seller templates.