Keys to Selling Vintage Clothes on eBay

Selling vintage clothes on eBay that you have found at a yard-sale or your grandparents’ attic seems like a great way to make some extra money without a great deal of effort. eBay makes selling anything online even easier. But there are some things that you need to keep in mind specific to vintage clothing to get the best results from eBay. If you have a knack for finding specialty items like petite dresses, those could be a real winner.

First, understand what you are selling. Many people will search eBay for specific types or brands of clothing. If you don’t know what a particular piece of clothing is called, do some research in order to give the best description in the auction. Also, if you sell something with an inaccurate description, this will lead to a poor rating for your eBay seller’s account, which will make selling more items in the future more difficult.

Second, all clothing should be clean and in good condition. For delicate fabrics, take the item to a reputable dry-cleaner and don’t try to machine wash the item at home. Replace any missing buttons if possible and repair any small rips or tears. If there are any stains or damages that cannot be repaired, be sure to clearly disclose this to the buyer.

Finally, give the clothing a good presentation in the auction listing. This includes taking a quality picture either on a person or dress form. If that is not possible, lay the clothing out to display it as well as possible. Be sure that the pictures are taken in good lighting. Also, buyers will want to see the article from different angles, so include additional pictures of the back and sides. If the clothing has any particularly interesting detailing, include close up picture of this.

Once you have an array of popular items in your inventory, you can begin expanding into more rare outfits like tall maternity wear.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to successfully sell vintage clothes on eBay in no time. Remember to clearly and accurately present the item for sale in order to maintain a positive seller rating.

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