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eBay Training Event for Chicago Area Sellers

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eBay Training Event for Chicago Area Sellers

Any and all eBay sellers in the Chicago area should consider a two day training event happening in their hometown this July on the 9th and 10th. Even if you are not from the Chicago area, visiting Chicago in the summer time is a fairly nice trip with the temperature mild in comparison to a place like Dallas Texas, the last eBay on Location event city.

eBay is hosting this event to help part-timers and small business owners increase their eBay business sales and profits. Networking is one of the main attractions as eBay employees, eBay experts, and other sellers in your exact situation will be there sharing what they have learned with one another.

Friday hosts a welcome reception with Saturday July 10th being the main eBay training sessions. Some of the topics include making your customers thrilled with your eBay store and auctions, secrets of selling on eBay, auction vs. fixed priced eBay selling, and utilizing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to improve your auction sales. These are only a few of the topics to be covered during this full day of training.Small and large classrooms are a part of the event with several live demonstrations. Some of the national instructors include Mike Michalowicz of Obsidian Launch and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Rieva Lesonsky of GrowBiz Media and John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.

There is limited space according to an eBay announcement that was posted mid-way through May on eBay’s website. The price is something you cannot beat at $35.00 for early registrations. The price will increase to $45.00 June 3rd as the event date approaches. Take a look at for more information about this eBay event, registration, and a similar eBay event being hosted in San Jose in September. You’ve already missed Atlanta and Dallas, don’t miss Chicago and San Jose.

eBay Adds New Descriptive Conditions for Many Items

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eBay Adds New Descriptive Conditions for Many Items

Beginning in mid-May many sellers saw new descriptive item conditions when listing items on eBay. These new item condition descriptions are meant to provide buyers with a better understanding of the condition of the item being sold. Many of the conditions are now relevant to the item category, making them much more useful. For example, some electronic devices now provide the condition description of ‘manufacturer refurbished’.

The selection of a condition description is currently optional but beginning July 27th, all new listings will require one of the new condition descriptions. Not only new listings will have the requirement but also re-listings and sell similar auctions will need one of the more descriptive conditions.

eBay is also mapping some existing conditions to new conditions automatically. Certain sub-categories fall under this circumstance, check eBay’s website here for sub-categories that will be automatically mapped. These changes were announced in the 2010 Summer Seller Update along with other changes such as ‘rewarding sellers for great service’ and ‘more profitable selling’.

Small Business Insurance for eBay Sellers Is Too Often Overlooked

You have spent your time researching products that sell and wholesale, liquidation or drop-ship sources to obtain them.   Whatever business you have decided upon, you cannot forget that it is a business.  Home based businesses often neglect the value of small business insurance to protect them from both property losses and liability lawsuits.  You shouldn’t neglect this very important aspect of your business.

Notify your current insurance company

Your first step is to notify your personal insurance carrier whether under a homeowner’s or renter’s policy.  It might be possible to add a Home Business endorsement to the policy.  If they say, “No”, don’t despair.  Several companies are able to write home based business policies for less than $1,000 per year, often as low as $500.

Valuing your inventory

Wholesale items are easily valued at invoice, but when liquidation merchandise is being sold, it can be more complicated because the amount you purchased the items for can change drastically every month depending on supply.  As a rule of thumb, you should use the same methods for valuing your inventory for insurance purposes as you do for your bookkeeping.

Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability: If you rent a warehouse or storage unit for your inventory, you should have General Liability insurance to cover any accidents that may happen to third parties on your premises.  This could include the warehouse staff, cleaning crews, your landlord, or delivery people.  Even if you are running your business out of your house, you should carry this insurance.

Products Liability: If you are buying overstock merchandise, you most certainly need Products Liability – you could be held liable for defective merchandise.  Don’t think that the original manufacturer will offer you any assistance.  If you are buying wholesale or drop shipping, request to be added as additional insured to their Products Liability policy.  They should be willing to do so.   If not, consider a different source

Media and Advertiser’s Liability: A common exposure faced by eBay sellers is copyright or trademark infringement, unauthorized use of images or logos, and, heaven forbid, claims of counterfeit merchandise trading.  These exposures do require special coverage that extends beyond even a standard business insurance policy.  To have coverage for these types of claims, you need Media and Advertiser’s Liability insurance. Yes, even one person selling stuff out of their basement can be sued as a publisher, because when you create a page on eBay, which is what you are doing.

Starting an eBay business on a shoestring is hard enough without having to consider yet another expense.  The best course of action in the beginning is prevention: don’t use trademarks, images or logos without permission, be careful what you say about the competition, restrict public access to your premises, and publish solid descriptions and disclaimers of liability on your listings.  As your business grows, you should consider your small business insurance as one of the many expenses of a successful business.

The checklist of the eBay Seller

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The checklist of the eBay Seller

To be a successful eBay seller, make sure that you create a checklist and follow it, as selling is a responsibility and you will have to make everything possible to leave your customers satisfied.

  • Have you found all the information that is available about the items that you are selling? The best thing that you will be able to do in that case is to search internet, by typing the name of the item you will be selling in some of the major search engines.
  • Are you keeping an eye on the competition? Remember that you must know what all the other sellers are doing and make sure that you will offer a lot better services and prices. That way you will have more customers for sure.
  • Do you have pictures of all the items that you are selling? Make sure that you will take pictures of all the items that you will be selling. Furthermore, make sure that the pictures will show all the details of the items that you are selling.
  • Are you sending e-mails to all your buyers? Make sure that you will keep proper communication between you and all your customers. The content of the e-mail must show that you are appreciating the fact that the particular customer is working with you.
  • Are you checking your mail box? All the potential buyers will contact you seeking information about the products that you are offering, so make sure that you will regularly check the content of your mailbox.
  • Do you have proper descriptions of all the items that you are selling? Each one of the buyers will want to see some information about all the items that you are selling, so make sure that you will include a detailed description of the items available to you.
  • Are you wrapping the items properly? Make sure that you will do everything possible to wrap the items that you are selling properly, because that way you will leave good impression to all your customers. Furthermore, you will reduce the chances of any damage to occur to the item during the shipping.
  • Are you following up? After you had sent the item, make sure that you will spend some time contacting the customer, because that way you will see if everything is fine with the shipment and also if the customer have any complaints about the item that you had sold.

The main thing that you need to learn if you are willing to become a very good eBay seller is to make sure that you spend as much time possible providing good customer service. If you make that happen you will see that almost all your customers will be returning to you and you will be able to make a lot of income. Remember that you must be honest and polite to all your customers, because you want to show them that you are a reliable, which will improve your reputation dramatically.

Some of the Common Tips to make eBay Templates

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Some of the Common Tips to make eBay Templates

One of the main parts of eBay selling is the visual appearance of your profile. To make a good looking profile happen you will have to find some of the eBay templates that are available on the Internet and put them to use. However, many of the eBay sellers do not know how to make their profiles look really good and that way they are not able to attract a lot of customers.

There are many templates available on the Internet that you can choose from. Here are some of the most common tips that you will be able to use to make a great looking profile:

  • First of all make sure that you choose some appropriate templates that are suitable for the items that you are selling. On most of the websites there are a lot of different variations of the templates that are suitable for all kinds of seller, for example for computer or toy sellers. Furthermore in most of the websites you will be able to find some of the best templates for free, just make sure that you will type free eBay templates in some of the major search engines and you will find those websites easily.
  • Next make sure that you add all your photos on top. That way you will be able to show your customers the items you are selling and only after that you will show them the descriptions. Make sure that the photos will be taken properly.
  • Consider making a logo, if you do not have one. The logo is one of the best ways to make your whole sellers profile look professional and also you will show your customers that you are reliable. There are a lot of logo designers that are working these days, so make sure that you will search and use the services that they are offering.
  • Make sure that you use larger fonts when you are expressing something that is important. There are a lot of different fonts that are available and you will only have to choose the one that you like most.
  • Learn some HTML, because it is one of the main languages that are used in the creation of all kind of websites and also for most of the templates that are available for the eBay sellers. There are a lot of books where you will be able to learn the basics of that language, so make sure that you will read some of them.

If you perform a little research on the Internet you will see that there are a lot of useful websites, where you will be able to get all the information that you need to make your whole eBay sellers profile look a lot better. So make sure that you spend some time and see what is available on the Internet.

Common Auction Pricing Strategies

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Some of the Most Common Auction Pricing Strategies

If you are a seller on eBay, you will need to learn some of the most common ways that you can put prices to your auctions, because that is very important if you are really looking to sell your items for the best possible price. Here are some of the most common techniques that you will be able to use to make that happen:

  • The ‘Few Dollars More’ Strategy, which is very common among all the sellers and it will help you to make a good income. The basic concept of this strategy is that you will have to place a price for the item, which is only a few dollars less than the buy it now price. That way you will encourage your customers to prefer to buy the item for the buy it now price, instead of betting on the item that you are selling.
  • The ‘One Dollar Less’ Strategy is another very good technique that you can use to get the best prices for the items that you are selling. To be able to use this strategy properly, you should keep an eye on the competition and once they make an auction with some kind of item, you place a much similar item for auction, but for a lower price. That is the best way to show all your customers that you are selling cheaper items than your competitors, which will allow you to make a better income.
  • The ‘Free Shipping’ Strategy will help you to sell a lot more buy it now auctions than you can ever imagine. The shipping expenses are one of the most hated fees that buyers on eBay need to pay. If you are offering an item on a buy it now auction and include free shipping, you will make your customers happy to buy it immediately instead of taking part in the auction and paying shipping expenses.
  • The ‘Go for It’ Strategy consists of one main rule – set the duration of the auction that you are listing for as long as possible. Furthermore, make sure that set the starting price to a minimum. This way you will be able to give time to all the bidders to discover your auction, which on the other hand will make them increase the price on their own. That is a very suitable technique for all kinds of medium and high value items.

There are a lot of websites where you can get tips for running eBay auctions, so make sure to search for them. Furthermore, if one of the techniques does not work, never give up, try a different technique.