Ship Your eBay items Quickly

Ship Your eBay items Quickly

Shipping is the one part of your eBay business that you probably find uninteresting and uncreative. You would rather be buying more inventory and creating killer auctions that sell for top dollar quickly. You need to reduce the time it takes to ship your eBay items so you can concentrate on what makes the most money.

The first in reducing the time required to ship your eBay items is to print your postage at home. Begin using a service like, USPS, or PayPal to print your postage before you leave the house for the post office. Having a kit of everything you need to ship an item also reduces the time you would have spent hunting for the necessary packaging and labels.

Have a location and a set time where all you do is focus on preparing your eBay items to be shipped. Distractions will only slow you down and prevent you from getting back to what will earn you more money today. The eBay Waiting Shipping screen can be your best tool to package and ship everything required quickly and without error. Make sure to display photos of the eBay items on the Waiting Shipment page so you grab the right products for the completed auction.

Finally, not going to the post office at all is the best time saver possible. Schedule carrier pickup with the post office ahead of time. You can schedule the pickup time and estimate the number of packages. When the carrier arrives, hand him/her your packages that are already sealed and stamped and wish them a good day.

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