The Best eBay Marketing Strategy

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The Best eBay Marketing Strategy

You have made the choice to start your eBay business along with millions of others and hope you can make enough money to take some nice vacations and possibly leave your job. You found the niche you want to sell products in and now you’re ready to do some marketing. Time is required to obtain a good eBay reputation but planning can reduce the requirement.

Never Done Marketing Before

Marketing is all about getting traffic to your eBay store and auctions so you get the most bids and the best price possible. Brand development through marketing channels is important so buyers feel comfortable when they reach your personally branded store.

Online marketing plans work for stand-alone website as well as eBay stores. EBay can be a launching pad to your own online presence that sells directly to customers without the eBay service assisting you. Keeping your costs to a minimum is the best strategy to increase your profit margins but it might take some investment to get the traffic you need to start your business.

The Steps Needed

Start with Word of Mouth – Tell people you know about your online business by sending them links through email, Twitter, or Facebook. Collect a group of people that are interested in your products and send them a newsletter once a month.

Signature Lines – Create a signature line on your email account so that every email you send will have an image and a link to your store. Create a catchy tag line that you can also make a part of your email signature.

Ask for Feedback – As you sell products on eBay, ask for customer feedback. Your reputation on eBay improves with each positive feedback rating that you obtain. Send out a nice email after your product is shipped to make sure the buyer received the product and approves of its condition. Mention customer feedback to them so they do not forget.

VistaPrint Business Cards – Have business cards developed by an online print company like VistaPrint. Include the business cards in the products that you ship. Hand out the business cards whenever you have an opportunity. And include a business card in letters to companies when paying bills or corresponding.

Customer Rewards – Repeat customers to your store should be rewarded. Develop coupons and offers for clients that return and purchase additional items. Give away shipping or discount shipping for anyone ordering more than one item.

Free Surprises – Include a freebie with each product that you ship. Something small that goes with the product will surprise the customer and make them want to do business with you again. If you can have the gift imprinted with your brand name, logo, and web address, this additional marketing will be extremely inexpensive.

Every step and ideal that you execute will become a part of your overall marketing plan. Increase your marketing budget as your business grows. Don’t rely on just one form of marketing but try new outlets and test the results for best performance. Don’t limit yourself, develop a plan that draws the most attention and traffic to you new eBay store.

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  1. Getting good reviews on sold auctions is the best way for new customers to feel comfortable purchasing from you.
    .-= Nicholas Cage´s last blog ..Netflix Limits Growth to Appease Studios =-.

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