Fixed Price Selling Now More Profitable than Auctions

eBay Fixed Price Sales

Fixed Price Selling Now More Profitable than Auctions

When eBay began it was all about auctions and the small shops selling items at a discount through auctions. But as the Internet has become more popular and big businesses began to sell at fixed prices on eBay, this form of selling has become more common and better for eBay’s bottom line than the original selling methods.

This change will not affect you if you have a good product with loyal customers and some good traffic for new customers. But setting up a store and selling some goods at fixed prices is the wave of the future and you should add this option if you haven’t already.

Consumers have become more comfortable with the Internet and want to purchase their items today and have them shipped immediately. Waiting for the 7 days for an auction to end will not due. The savings they will achieve from the auction format has not been a strong enough catalyst for the every week shopper to wait.

As more and more big businesses begin and continue to sell on eBay, little stores will need to compete in the same realm to achieve desirable sales numbers. Take a look at Your eBay Store, Getting Started and set up a fixed priced store for some of your merchandise before the new year begins.

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