How much can one eBay Seller Make?

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How much can one eBay Seller Make?

If you are looking for some additional income, becoming a seller on eBay is a good plan. The number of successful eBay sellers continues to grow and there is no reason you cannot join them. How much money can you expect to make? Results vary of course, depending on the products you sell and how hard you work at your business.

Picking a Product to Sell

First this to check when looking at selling a product on eBay is their restricted item list. Avoid all items on this Seller Resource. Once you have found an allowed product to sell, determining your price is the next step. The best way to get a feel for what items are selling for is to watch eBay auctions as they close. If the auctions have a lot of bidders and the selling prices provide for a good profit margin, you’ve found a great item to start with.

A good tip to increase your appeal to buyers and still maintain your profit margin is to reduce the price of the item while increasing the shipping and handling fee. This will make it more appealing at first before the buyer considers the costs they incur to have it delivered. Listing fees must also be considered when calculating the profit of an auction.

If an item doesn’t sell well in the auction format possibly switching to a fixed price selling format will work better. Try them both and see which way produces the best results.

Draw People to Your Product

Photographs are a great way to increase the buyer’s interest in a product. Providing a number of photos will make the buyers feel more comfortable in purchasing a product that they cannot see in person. Try to get different angles for your photos and make sure the lighting is adequate.

The product description is also vital. Use good adjectives in your descriptions and create scarcity for the product. The limited time left for the auction along with a limited supply will motivate buying.

Use the entire catalog of services available to sellers on eBay to maximize the amount of money you can make. The sky is the limit for you as long as you find the right product, construct quality auctions and are committed.

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